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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by themaadone, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Well, it's nearly 2 in the morning and I have just struggled through another part of my TMA which has to reach my tutor by the 2nd of June.

    I always leave it till the last week and get flustered as I realise time is nearly up!

    Are there any others out there doing courses with the OU?

    I'm currently on a level 2 German course heading for a BA in modern languages..... GEEK (well, not as bad as those IT chappies now, is it?!)
  2. Nicht verzagen, altes Haus. Irgendwann wird sich die Plackerei auszahlen. Das war jedenfalls bei mir so.

  3. I did a course over 20 years ago, Maths and Physics were the main subjects.

    I had a brilliant time. The summer schools were particularly memorable. Enjoy your time with the OU - it's a fantastic organisation.
  4. I' ve just sent off my last TMA from my first years study- BA in Literature. I also seem to leave it to the last minute and end up doing my TMA's in one evening, usually finishing about 01.00. Still, my marks don't seem to be suffering. An added bonus is that there are three Air Hostesses in my tutorial group- but don't tell Mrs. Pike. :oops:
  5. I studied 130 credits with the Open University, before leaving the Army to attend a full time uni. Athough my uni is 19th in the country for my subject and 38th overall (according to the Times), I still think the Open University gives a higher quality education.

    I was also exactly the same with my TMA's, I used to always finish them at the last minute. And to tell the truth, the week long Summer School was a better, week long piss up than a typical week where I am now.
  6. Have done W200 Introduction to Law, W201 Law; The Individual and the State, I am currently on W300 The Law of Obligations.

    I always clear the whole Sunday prior to the deadline and Mrs B and the kids leave me alone. I emerge for meals and am usually fininshed in time for tea. Being in Germany I've never been to a tutorial and there's no summer school with law.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah....currently 3 weeks late with TMA 02 on course U213 - International Development - Challenges for a world in Transition - no excuses other than lack of engagement with the source material ......HELP !

    My previous course was on America in the Twentieth Century and at the tutorial I met a Crab Air feller based at Wilton. It was helpful to be able to chew stuff over ...also meant that we spoke from more or less the same songsheet.

    Part of my problem with the current course is that I feel COMPLETELY out of step with the course material, which seems to me to be coming from a set of...ahem... trendy lefty " givens " that I don't particularly subscribe Aid to Nigeria :x

    ( Damn, black shirt covered in lint again...more drycleaning bills...mutter,mumble...)

    Seems to me that there is scope for an MoD OUSA.....lot of tips and shortcuts out there in the collective consciousness !

    Lee Shaver ( Rundblick Vor Mir 2007! )
  8. Hi,

    I finished a BSc Hons through OU a couple of years ago, and I am now halfway through an MSc, set to finish next year.

    I started out as a "last minute TMA-er", but by level 3 found that it was rather better for my sanity to plan it all a little in advance :D . This is one of the things that I feel that I have learned from the discipline of the course-how to plan and force yourself to carry on when there are more interesting things on the television, and there isn't a large group of students visibly doing the same course and so egging you on.

    It has been suggested that I seriously consider a PhD, and I'd like to do it, but the level of commitment required in comparison to the likely returns probably rule this out.

    Best Regards,


    (edited to insert missing letters)
  9. Things have changed then, since I studied with the OU. Back then they offered only BAs. Even if you studied nothing but sciences, as I did, you couldn't get a BSc. You could have any degree you wanted so long as it was a BA.

    Edited to remedy the effects of an egg banjo on keyboard.
  10. Hi L-J,

    Yes, it's all change in the OU. BA, BSc,and BEng. They even do proper growed up degrees with titles too, instead of (Open), which takes some explaining at interviews. :D

    I wonder if you could chock your BA in for a BSc? :?

    Best Regards,

  11. I've done T171, T223, M206, T305, T209 and I'm doing M301 this year. It doesn't matter how well you plan each block, you are always left struggling to get the TMA finished at the last moment. I've never done a summer school and on my first year I did a couple of tutorials down in JHQ, which I found very helpful and has left me wishing that more tutorials were available to people in BFG.

    I started my time with the OU with two misconceptions.

    Firstly I thought it was the easy option. Get a degree by just fitting in a little bit of work where I could, no pressure. WRONG! You have to find time to study every day for 9 months of the year whether you are working, on exercise, on course or on holiday. No term or half term breaks and if you get behind on one block you are racing to catch up for the rest of the course.

    Secondly I had the assumption that as it was a corespondence course and done at home, that any qualification obtained through the OU would be sort of 'second grade'. After talking to people who run firms and personnel managers from some quite large companys, I have found that is again not the case. They consider a person who has worked for 6 years to get a degree at home, with limited support and while working and living their lives, shows that they are the determined and focused type of person that would be an asset to their firm.

    That's what has kept me going in the lows during my studies (and there are so many!) but only a year and a bit to go!
  12. That's really good to hear. Hope you do well.

    And I have to echo what Plant Pilot said; it's definitely NOT the easy option. People used to say to me that I was getting a degree by just setting the video to record something at stupid o'clock, featuring fuzzy images of a man in a tank top blethering on about crap that only nerdy types could find interesting. Well perhaps they were right on the latter point, but I'm sure you all know it involves a tad more than watching television. (Note use of litotes there :) )

    I went on two summer schools (S101 and M101) at Keele and Reading respectively and I came home from them knackered, but buzzing. Still have fond memories of them now.

    Edited to add that should read three summer schools; I went to one at Durham too. Funny that I should have left that one out because it was by far and away the best.
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Agree with B_flat. I found the 'last minute TMAs syndrome' was the norm for my first year of OU study. Like P_P above my preconception was that I could fit it in easily with only minimal study :oops:

    Still, you live and learn. Actually setting aside some set times if you can (not easy, I know) for study and sticking to it whatever the temptation helps. My marks were passable doing it last minute but have improved a lot since doing it in a more structured way.
  14. Hi All,

    L-J wrote:

    Thank-you for the thought. I extend this sentiment to the other OU people too.

    As it happens, I'm second generation OU, as it were, because my Dad also received a BA through doing mostly engineering subjects.

    What amused me at the time, as someone who had just left school and (rightly) been subjected to the "you could have done so much better" lectures, was listening to my Dad ringing his lecturers and asking for TMA/CMA extensions with blatently untrue "Dog ate my Homework" excuses. :D It changed my opinion of him for the better when I realised that we were that much more alike.

    Best Regards,

  15. Blimey...... not bad, not bad at all!

    Well, I have finished and all I have to do is pop it into the post and away she goes!

    I have already done a "rough" of next months TMA so all needed there is a brush up and re-written version to clear any mistakes.

    Bugsy, manchmal nervt die ganze studiererei aber was solls, man will ja mal was werden!