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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by fltpilot, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. So has anyone done a course with the Open University at all?
    Looking primary at the CertHE route, has anyone done this or just straight in to a BA course?
    Not studied much in 30 years apart from work related courses.
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  2. BA (Hons) History!;-)
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  3. More expensive than the olden days...figure 1

    5k for a BSC/BA.
  4. BA (Hons) History here too, just finished AA100. The course was excellent, the tutors were excellent. Many a good few online tutorials and some good helpful tutors AA100 - The arts past and present - Open University Course

    It's sometimes difficult as a distance learner, there are tutorials and online discussions but you have to be motivated. The OU Student Home pages and website are usually pretty good. The A151 module I'm doing now is boring, no leadership and we haven't seen the tutor since it started, even worse; there are only a few people who actually bother to contribute to course discussions and tutorials if the tutors don't lead very well. No problems scribbling on Twitter and Facebook, though.

    The good things for me are the course materials, books, DVDs and online resources. Our last (decent) tutor mentioned strict marking guidelines so arsey tutors can't mark us down unfairly. Great. Oh and I thought scores of 80 plus, would get a Pass 1. Maybe in a brick Uni but not apparently, always with the OU. Still, the OU is highly recommended and worth the effort and expense.
  5. Don't know about individual courses hoever OU is very highly regarded as a Uni and I would suggest to anyone if they have the opportunity / funds etc then certainly go for it.
  6. I have just completed AA100 as well after completing A200, a level 2 history course. If you are not sure about AA100, a 60 point course which requires a fair bit of commitment, there are 15 point tasters available such as A182 History of Wales to give you an idea of what OU life entails. PM me if you wish mate and good luck if you decide to go for it!
  7. Same here, help gladly given. Which subjects did you most like? Stalin, Cezanne and the Seaside for me. Yes AA100 can be very demanding .
  8. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    OU Sound as a trout. Decent tutors. High quality and well regarded.
    You can do it on your own but the tutors and tutorials are very helpful. Modern technology and being able to send stuff by email has made life so much easier.
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  9. For what it's worth, I weighed everything up and ended up going for a Masters degree.

    Advantages: Can be done in a year, cheaper than a 3-4 year ordinary/hons degree, less time out of your life, carries good academic/vocational clout with employers, more fellow students "our age".

    Disadvantages: Intense, tough assignment deadlines, (sometimes) big thesis/dissertation at the end.

    With a Masters you can bug out after the taught part and not bother with the dissertation, and get a Diploma or Certificate

    It suited me personally at the time. About half the class did it in one year and the rest over two years or even three. If you've picked up a specialisation in the Services and had responsibility but not a first degree, it can sway the entrance people against bright youngsters without the life experience.

    They do like a mix and us older ones contributed more to discussions and seminars. I can testify that some of the young ladies preferred the men to the boys!:grin:
  10. Completed whilst in Benbecula in 86, made several dull boring tours/trips more interesting and saved the liver! Changed completely by now I guess so I wouldn't be much help, but its very good
  11. In the first year of the law course (paid for by the Army). The OU is very supportive and I would certainly recommend it.
  12. I've not actually heard anything BAD said about the OU. It's a shame they don't cover my specialisation else I'd be with them in a shot. I want to pursue a doctorate during my service time, again distance learning and a fair few uni options though OU would be top of my list if they did my subject area.
  13. Yes. But the OU and Law Society have broken links so I don't know what's happening to future Law courses.

    I won't be pursuing a career as a solicitor or barrister.