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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by armr617, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. I have used the search facility, and read all 6 pages on this bit of the forum.
    I am considering an OU course ( Env Science) and am looking for some advice.
    I have noticed several references to a sticky about the OU but cant find it anywhere?
    As a bit of background, I have 6 yrs (maybe 8 veng) left to go to my 22/24.
    Married with 1 child (4 yrs), my current posting is to an ATR in a support role (not trg) so I'll be static with no tours, and no major courses.

    I see this as a great opportunity to do some quality learning prior to civdiv

    Has anyone here done the environmental science degree?

    Cheers all
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Don't know the answer to your question, but I can point you towards more info on here....

    Click on Advanced Search (top right) and then type "Open University" (including the quote marks) into
    the keywords field. Make sure that the drop down box next to it is set to 'Search Titles Only' and then hit the Search button.

    You should get about 4+ pages of results of varying age.

    Best of luck!
  3. I started pushing out an open uni degree in paramedic science last year, and it really is a great system. I dont know much about the env science course you want to do but go see your AEC asap. Your learning credits will pay the course fee, and the army will/should give you time off to go to any seminars being held at your local college/uni. Why this isnt introduced to everyone in basic is beyond me !
  4. Cheers for the quick replies, I think I will pop into the ed centre next week.
    I dont know about them paying the course fees though, even the first module is a 60 pointer@ £650!
  5. ELCD Redirection have a gander at that, theyll pay for the course for you, its all pretty easy and the army will pay all the expenses for you ;)
  6. True, but they will pay 2K per year et etc, thats fine but I wouldnt be able to do 2 courses in 1 year, and I dont want to waste the money- it is after all one claim per year

    I will speak with the education centre next week and find out the best financial way of doing it
  7. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Do it mate, you won't regret it. I managed to fit in 165 points of an OU course whilst at a Phase 2 establishment (2 x 60 pointers, 1 x 30 and 1 x 15). It will eat up a large chunk of your free time though, but if I can manage it with my crap motivation and a wife and two kids constantly harassing me then anyone can.

    I personally would not use Enhanced Learning Credits for any undergraduate courses, the price of the level 1 courses for the Environmental Sciences are both £650 at the moment which, in my opinion, would be a waste of ELC. I would be tempted to keep your 3 lots of £2k in case you fancy doing any post-graduate study.

    If money is a problem, do what I did, sign up for the OU Student Budget Account (OUSBA) and spread the cost. My current 15 point course cost £235 which I have put on my OUSBA, I pay it back over 3 months (60 pointers are over a longer term) with a 5% interest rate. I have done this with all of my courses, and don't forget you can still use your Standard Learning Credits as well.

    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Good luck with your studies.
  8. As said by Mr Why above - go for it, i am two years away form my first undergrad through the OU and just starting my second this Sept.
    The OU in my experience has a sympathetic ear for the forces and any issues i ever had with getting in my assignments was looked at, even when in Canada i got my exam sent to me there and took it (passed!!!)
    The OUSBA is a good idea always used it, SLC will help - 175 each year at the completion (not passing) of the course, all you need is to apply for it at the start of the course. i use a print out of my student record home page to prove i have finished the course and for an Oct finish the money is in pay for xmas - bonus!!!
    if the degree is for interest all the better, if it is to furnish a civvy job try getting a little 'hands on' if poss, it would help not only with the study but also to say to a potential employer that whilst studying in your own time (motivation, commitment, self-discipline etc..) and getting on with life you were able to practice what you were learning.
    as a side note there may be a requirement to go on summer schools - excellent fun - good learning also. speak to divisional ETS staff and there is extra funding for this and it counts as duty so you can claim transport (as you can for all tutorials etc).
    hope this helps
  9. One point to mention, if you undertake an OU course and are going to miss the cut-off date for your assignment you can e-mail your tutor for a week extension. Although when you do this try to remember you are communicating with a bearded civilian with elbow patches on his tweed jacket, not your OC. My tutor didn't like the way I worded the e-mail, it was too much JSP101 Defense Writing for him(I didn't say please or thank you in the e-mail. And he had a rant about you can't speak to me like some day 1, week 1 recruit!).
    Overall my course has been flexible(B120 Intro Business Studies) and I have passed every assessment so far(I'm currently in Afghanistan), doing your SCLM education beforehand helped me with my essay writing and structure(the OU essay does not have an Introduction paragraph, but it has an Executive Summary etc.).
    I would say go ahead and do it as it will count as personal development on your SJAR which can only be a positive thing.
  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Sounds like your tutor had a bee in their bonnet over something. I have never had any problems whatsoever submitting late assignments with any of my tutors. Some of them are indeed the muesli munching, sandal wearing types but I find that those are the most liberal types who may well make a noise over receiving a late assignment but still grade it (fairly!).

    The tutor on the foundation course that I did (Intro to Social Studies) was actually an ex-steelworker, made redundant in the seventies who had then gone back to school and got his PhD! Top bloke who couldn't actually stand most of the middle class studenty types he had to deal with on a daily basis.

    Depends on the course, all of the Psychology essays have indeed required an introduction paragraph. I agree with your premise on SCLM, I had already done a few OU courses beforehand and found the essay requirements CLM a doddle whilst other SNCOs on the course were like rabbits in headlights.

    Agreed, but I would also say do it mainly for yourself.
  11. I agree with everything said above-the OU were always great to me about extensions (4 weeks between assignments of which 3 were on exercise, so 2 week extension and the like) I also had two end of year exams deferred to the later alternative date due to service commitments (OK one was due to me being in ICU after getting smashed up on ex). Overall the experience is great - also remeber that you are on duty for your summer school so you don't have to take leave. Go for it and reap the benefits later.

    Devexwarrior BSc (Hons) (Open)
  12. I've done some of the Environmental Science linked courses enjoyed some hated others but am plodding through towards the Natural Sciences degree although I'm leaning towards an Open Degree/putting 12 months in to a diploma or cert qualification, as I'm getting a bit tired of the sciences just now.

    I'm civvie and find that the tutors are pretty good if you ever need to request an extension just make sure its a good reason and not because you forgot to do the work!
  13. I'm doing a degree through the College of Estate Management. Because the way the course works out I can fully utilise my ELC by doing 4 modules a year. ELC also paid for my initial registration fee in 2008. It is do-able so go for it.
    Funny you should mention the JSP 101 thing. I started doing my assignments/reports in the suggested CEM layout, got threaders with it as I didn't like it and started using the JSP 101/RETD 2 layout. In all my assignments/marks since I changed format (less one) they have all come back with comments on the professional layout and style. On the one that didn't get a good comment the marker seem to think that by numbering paragraphs, putting in a cover sheet and contents it suddenly turned an assignment into a report. Strange, but there you go.
    CEM have been really good about me being the Army and my changing circumstances. I got all my first year folders etc sent out to Afghan (God knows how much that would have cost them) and have organised exams around where I am stationed. I will be on paternity leave when my exams are on this year so am taking them in Bulford, 5 minutes walk from my house. Last year I took them in Basingbourne because it was my first week at my new unit and it was the closest ALC. Certainly can't complain.
  14. Business and Management Diploma all the way. Civvy Street need managers with no specific skills other than to manage themselves and colleagues by the bucketload. Get stuck into it and dive straight in a Civ Hofficer level and then request that the company fund your education in the background subject.
  15. I've heard there are some OU tutors who treat their students as if they're 18 year old undergrads, but I also know there are a lot of academics (not just at the OU) who get annoyed with emails that are over-familair, impolite etc from students.

    Personally, I've always found I get the response I want if I stick with: Dear Dr... Please.... Because... Best wishes, A__L.