Open University? Officer recruitment.

I just applied to be a TA officer and have just wondered do I meet the criteria now?

I went back to study and completed two 60 point OU courses in Law (level 1 and a Level 2). I got 80% on the level 2 course (2.1)

I was then accepted onto a law degree in a top twenty University (the course is AAA to get into) and have since finished this degree.

I'm worried that despite all this I now don't have 180 ucas points?
OU courses are HE, and therefore don't convert to UCAS points. Attainment of a degree normally overrides the requirements for UCAS points.
That's great news, was a bit worried.

just checked with the live chat. answer is maybe...

ask who you wish to join, so giving them a ring now.
TA Regs 4.014 Potential Officers who already hold a degree from a British University are deemed to have satisfied the educational entry standards for a TA Officer.
You're better off contacting the unit you want to join directly, the online application thing is useless. If you want the contact details for the unit you are interested in just let me know.
Thanks for the fast reply. Just gave them a ring, The relevant Sgt is off today but back in tomorrow, so left number. Thought being a bit pro-active might speed things up,but sometimes there's a protocol to follow.

cheers folks.

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