Open University DD101 - Introducing the Social Sciences

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by CrashTestDummy, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone done this course?

    I'm interested in getting people's experiences, such as; how long are the TMAs, do you really need to give it 20 hours a week, is it interesting, is there anything over and above the course material that's worth reading?

    I understand it's a useful module to undertake as it's an optional course for a number of qualification paths.

    Thanks in advance for any (useful) comments.
  2. I was doing this course as part of my Psychology degree, had to drop it due to work, though I will have to do it again at the next presentation as it's one of my mandatory modules.

    Put as many hours in as you can, the more you understand about the various topics covered the easier you'll find the TMAs. However, personally I found it duller than a very dull thing and found it a real struggle to stay motivated.
  3. Thanks C_B, that's an honest opinion and nicely balances the "hey, it's awesome" posts I've read elsewhere and probably reflects the truth more accurately. :thumbright:
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    What CB said. I went onto other things in the end although as you say the SS do underpin quite a bit of academic stuff and also is quite useful in the military in certain circles. Still dull though.
  5. I can't wait now, roll on Oct! ;-)
  6. The 20 hours a week depends on how efficiently you learn/work. Most of the introductory modules are dull and are intended to get everybody up to the same level.
  7. I completed DD131 which is the first part of the course (30pts). It is a very useful module as you said as it has given me the springboard to go on and study for my History degree with the OU. It just wasn't my thing however, it bored me to tears!. You will cover everything from street furniture to social change.(Cardiff heavily used, City rd in particular). There is quite a bit on the role of consumerism, the role of the seduced and the repressed for example. Anything i can do to help just ask.
  8. Thanks, Pyianno and bohs_man.

    How about TMA length?
  9. If i remember correctly you start off on TMA 1 (800 words) graduating to 1500 by TMA 04.
  10. Thanks, not too bad then.
  11. It sounds easy enough mate but it was boring! A lot depends on your tutor (if you need them). The questions can be a bit off putting. I'll PM you some question examples if you wish.

    You may like it however, each to their own!.
  12. They tend not to get above a couple of sheets of A4 even for final year modules.
  13. I've just finished Y183, which started off very interesting and then got really dull at the end (what is happiness, FFS!). The tutor was good, but I didn't really make use of her after the first couple of tutorials and I found the essay writing easy, but tedious (who on earth struggles to put simple references in?).

    I'd appreciate some sample questions, that'd be useful, thanks.
  14. PM sent.
  15. Replied. :)
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