Open Uni Phase 1

Hi folks,

I am planning on signing up, had my careers chat about roles etc. I'm in the middle of doing an Open University degree (first year, 60 creds per year etc).
I've done some reading on here and seen plenty of folks doing their degrees whilst already serving or in Phase 2.

I'm curious to whether I should finish up year 1 first before joining as my understanding is that there won't be much time during the 14 week phase 1 to study? Especially if there are assignments due (which there likely would be).

Any advice would be helpful in this situation!
Check at which point and for how long you can put it on hold.
Check at which point and for how long you can put it on hold.

I have until 2036 to finish the degree, next module runs Oct - May (may be June, would need to confirm). I'd have a period of May/June - Oct free which would be enough time for the 14 weeks to commit to the Phase 1 - that's assuming they have dates for phase 1 around those times.
I would plan to avoid doing OU whilst training as both may suddenly end up eating into your precious time more than you expected.
Not sure if they still do but a lot of my OU courses were funded by HMG and summer school 'leave' was covered as well :)
Best of luck with your training and your study, I think that the OU is one of the harder ways to learn tertiary education, because you have an actual life and job to run as well as study.
I'm doing my OU degree, I'm finding it a challenging to balance a full time Civil Service post and my studies but I'm doing okay. That's with getting back tired from work and cracking on for a few hours a night. Phase 1 will, and should, leave you knackered at the end of each day so I'd recomment perhaps putting the degree on hold til you have at least passed Phase 1 and possibly til you complete Phase 2.

However, whatever you choose to do, the fact you will have gained your degree through honest effort, while holding down a full time and challenging job, will pay off down the line as Interviewers do recognise the effort involved (I certainly do and I'm an interviewer for my organisation.

All the best. Though, it might be interesting seeing what the OU decide to do regards the Exams being cancelled.
If you are doing the degree for fun, then potentially you could pass by doing the bare minimum. Its pretty easy to get the minimum of a pass (above 40 percent) but then it won't be useful for anything other than saying you have one.

However, if you have career plans involving the degree, then put it on hold. Additionally the first year is probably one of the most important as this is where you develop your study skills etc, so I'd be mindful to put it on hold.
Agree but I do know of a couple of mates who managed to complete their OU degrees on Ops in Iraq and Afghan. Mind they were RAF on an airbase with air con , internet and a NAAFI bar.