Open Shoot - ORA 150

Just in case anyone is interested and would like a change to shooting at Century etc...

Oxfordshire Rifle Association will be holding its 150th anniversary shoot on Saturday 15th September 2012 at Otmoor Range (just North of Oxford).

There are 10 classes, chosen to appeal to a broad range of shooters, rather than being rigid to the classes used at Bisley.

There are first place trophies for each class and the event is restricted to 50 shooters.

It would be great to see you if you would like to attend. With 10 trophies and 50 shooters there is a good chance of coming away with a nice momento of the day.

Without pasting too much info right now the classes are:

.22 classic target rifle (over 50 years old)

.22 Modern Target Rifle

.22 Semi auto Rifle

7.62 Target Rifle

F Class

Service Rifle (over 50 years old)

Service Rifle (over 100 years old)

Service Sniper Rifle (over 50 years old)

Blackpowder Breech-loading Rifle

Percussion Black Powder Muzzle-loading Rifle

The distance used throughout is 200 yards.

Please PM me if you would like an entry form emailed to you.

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