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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by gung_hobo, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Probably not exactly 'on message' here, but posted here for a sensible answer.

    Last week I received my 2004 OJAR with the 2nd RO's comments included (Bde level). Since I would have had no chance to put anything right for the 2005 (and we are nearly there for the 2006 OJAR's), and a 'Career Brief' has been conducted in the meantime, what is the point? Is this just lip service?

    I don't know whether this is normal. Would a redress be worth bothering with if the next OJAR isn't quite what is desired/needed?

  2. This sounds like MS' system has cocked up. Don't know how MS works it, but for Dark Blue NAVSEC's promotions office gets our reports back to us(with 2RO, and 3RO where applicable) in about 2-3 months from receipt in Portsmouth. Maybe worth taking up through your chain of command?
  3. Have you had a MYAR for either 2005 or 2006? This is what should give you the steer on whether you need to put things right or not for the current year. If not you have pretty solid grounds for a redress if what is contained in the report is not what you expect. There should be no surprises in an OJAR!
  4. Make sure that you maintain a diary of events to support any future re-dress, nothing flash simply notes in your diary of discussions etc, that you can refer to if you need to. Also, without being too pushy, it is good to ensure that you maintain an interest in getting your Mid Year Report, as it will be no good if you could be seen to be deliberately avoiding the issue.
  5. Thank you for your help. 2005 has turned up as well. At this rate I'll have 2012 by next month. Will be fun to see how I am going to do!
  6. It is not for nothing that those in Glasgow refer to a redress as a 'Suicide note'. Kind of draws attention to what otherwise may escape notice.
  7. But you may make "A representation not amounting to a redress" if you feel aggrieved. In any case your complaint is best based on something that is factually incorrect. But beware of the way in which words can be used. For instance a report may contain a phrase which you feel to be factually incorrect. ie " I have often seen him drunk" but on redress that can become "I have often seen him sober" - which is worse!!
  8. Hard-vark makes a good point - 'It is not for nothing that those in Glasgow refer to a redress as a 'Suicide note'. It would have to be a pretty serious comment by 2RO to justify a redress. Also, whilst risking staing the blindingly obvious, remeber that reports are generally read in bundles - so that it is trends across many reports that are analysed. Is it likely that a single comment (or perhaps a lack of comment) by your 2RO could unfairly slew this trend?
  9. Well written ARs that are designed to damage an individual will not contain anything that could lead to a successful redress. The RO will be too careful unless he's a fool as well as an a%*+"hole.

    An AR is a subjective report written by a reporting officer based on his opinion of the SO. That's the system and it has its plus and minus points. Bearing in mind that generally the 1RO writes for the SO's benefit - that's the bit you should take note of to correct any faults, and the 2RO writes on your position and potential for the benefit of the promotion and appointment boards, you could argue that it is not something that you are supposed to be able to act upon. That said, the system has clearly dragged its heels more than it should have done.

    Redress is an extreme measure as is any other action that draws attention to the AR. Your best hope is to make sure that any negative comments are not repeated on future reports and hope that this one will be seen as the exception. That said, such a report can cost you a year, possibly more.
  10. If you decide to redress and you are successful a promotion board cannot take account of the offending sentence/phrase/paragraph/entire report. Any suggestion that a redress is a suicide note is probably a rumour spread by MCM Divs themselves to put people off. Personally, having worked there, I would not hesitate to redress something that was clearly wrong or prejudiced. That said, you must have a sound case yourself to disprove any offending comments, you must be prepared for some flack during the redress process, and you must take into account the true purpose of the redress procedure, ie to correct factual inaccuracies or unwarranted prejudices.
  11. BB makes an excellent point, a well written and accurate Redress is clearly worthwhile, indeed the fact that such a redress is being prepared may, on occasions result in a change being made pre-emtively - especially if the offending RO realises that the error will rest against his/her record.
    I know of a recent case where a long term acting rank was about to be rescinded (after many promises(indeed an assumption that it was natural) of substantive rank had been made). In this case the 3rd RO failed to confirm the promotion recommendation of the 1st and 2nd ROs. The SO made it well known that he was preparing a well staffed and detailed redress that would have very obviously embarrasssed the 3rd RO. Suprise suprise before he could submit it, he was posted to a substansive post (with no board required).
    Funny how the system can work to protect everyones interests!!
  12. Boring question but i thought this would be the best thread to ask it. What sort of OJAR grade is viewed as 'good' and are they awarded in brackets. i.e. Top 10% B+, middle 80% B and bottom 10% B-?

    Answers gratefully recieved.
  13. Forget about the grade since it's the pen picture that matters. In theory, most people should get a B grade, with a few getting B+ and almost no-one getting A-/A. In practice the grades creep up with some fmns being worse than others for such grading creep - anecdotally I have heard that direction is currently being given to the effect that DLO overgrades and should be reduced by one notch. As a result, everyone is confused, especially the Board members who don't really know whether a B+ bloke is actually better than most or whether he trully has been overgraded. The same happens with soldier reports and the effect is that no-one takes the blindest bit of notice. Concentrate on the pen-picture since it should reflect the grade anyway.
  14. I believe that's a fine principle, providing that sifting boards do not base their sifts on the initial grades - ie. to get through the sift you have to be a B+. Consequently I feel that the Grade can be just as important.
  15. Having spoken to many who have sat on promotion boards and having sat on a postings board I can say that any grade that is not extreme (A- or C) will be pretty well ignored. what matters is the recommendation for promotion in the text and in the boxes. Most boards will only really look at the 2RO box anyway. The first box is for the SO to read.