Open Prison Riot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. What a shame, as the weather, even in leafy Sussex, is about to revert to cold of Arctic proportions, the filth in Ford have burned down much of their accommodation.

    As many Arrsers have discovered, a deep trench provides some warmth - unless of course, some 'ass-oles' use it as a convenient place to 'spend a penny'.

    Now we shall see how Tory or Liberal this Coalition really is.

    TORY: Trenches and possibly marquees, but no 'Visits'; 'Leave'; 'Television', or 'Hot Water'.

    LIBS: Oh! Poor lambs; disadvantaged at birth (including aristocrats and public school wallahs); not their fault; all the fault of that horrid Mrs. Thatcher.

    BBC Radio 4 (broadcasting in support of the rioters) said that 200 specially trained riot police supported...... blah! blah! Oh! How I wish a handy battalion of Paras, angry at being called off 'Post Op Leave', had been deployed - with the machine gun platoon to the fore!

    When will we realise, again, that criminals are ******* criminals and should be treated as such?
  2. It's ironic that it was the scrotey cons decided to riot after refusing to be tested with a breathalyzer. Former inmates include Geordie Best who did time there in the 1980's for Drink Driving Offences & assaulting a Peeler. Hope that the wee b@stards have the shite hammered out of them by the Public Order boys going in at the moment.
  3. I assume that there was some kind of organisation running this prison - apart from the prisoners I mean?
  4. Why were the incarcerated scum allowed to drink?

    If they damage the building and facilities they should pay for it. In the mean time if they are sleeping on a scorched mattress with snow/rain/bitter wind racing through through the windows.... oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    The day(s) they spent rioting should be deducted from their overall time in clink too. And a few courts conviened to add extra time for their acts as neccessary.

    No one asked them to break the law, but the British tax payer stepped up to the mark in order to feed, clothe and house them whilst paying for their misdeeds.
  5. Open prisons are run on the good will of the prisoners as are most prisons. The majority of prisons don't have the staff to deal with anything other than a minor disturbance.
  6. When the riot kicked off, I believe there were only 4 - 6 staff on duty.
  7. Seconded. "Targets to your front, scum will fall when hit! Watch and shoot!"
  8. Very stern CF. I have no doubt that they are all victims of adverse circumstances (of course beyond their control or volition) and with adequate (heaping piles more) funding to the prison system for rehabilitation, all will eventually become vital and productive members of your society once again such that the lion and the lamb will frolic together.
  9. Probably a lot for an open prison.
  10. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    JJH, cap off to you. Your sarcasm is faultless.

    My view is bang them in a standard prison, except for the ring leaders who should be hung or get the chair. Our crime rate is to high and prisons to full, so it is time to toughen up on these scum.
  11. Three word solution.
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  12. Maybe we should look to offing a few of our prison inmates....

    EVERYBODY has to make savings. And keeping these creatures alive just costs money.
  13. Not really, I've said the same before. We occaisionally suffer riots from on convicted and incarcarated scum. They get bored sitting around all day playing ping-pong.

    It's about time the sentances handed out by the judge weren't some imaginary figure, that the con will never see. It should be the minimum tariff. Fixed Mastery Varible Time as we call it. Once the minimum figure is passed, we'll think about realease. If they've been naughty they stay in.
  14. One of my heroes!
  15. One for JJ: how would US Dept of Corrections deal with such a riot? Because I'm fairly certain they would have a more aggressive and muscular approach than HMP.

    Don't they have their own Special Operations Unit?