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Open Letter to Theresa May MP


Book Reviewer
MP's usually only respond to letters from their constituents or Parlimentary Questions. To date, ARRSE is neither of those but may in the future aspire to be one, the other or both.

You could try posting in the DOT forum because if nothing else, it might give the DOT admin a laugh.
I've just googled Richard Card. If I have the right one he has 55 FoI requests outstanding. He definitely has a bee in his bonnet.

Bats in the hive or bees in the belfry wouldn't matter if he wrote his requests comprehensibly and straightforwardly. Not surprising he gets the runaround from his respondents.
I cant help but think the investigative performance of Kent police would be significantly enhanced if a half their time and budget wasn't redirected to Bletchley Park in an effort to decrypt what the dribbling loons going on about .

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