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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by medwaymud, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. I need to get my 12b Remington semi ( 3 shot ) legally imported onto the UK register.
    I have greek firearms license issued by Greeceplod proving that gun is mine and legally held.
    I have a transport company happy to ship it for me and hold it at their UK depot as long as it has the breech block removed and the ownership paperwork with it.
    I have been checked out by UK plod - me, cabinet etc - and will receive my UK license " in a couple of weeks ".
    Does anybody know someone with an Open Import License who can do the last bit ie get my gun on the UK register.
    Cheers chaps.
  2. Whereabouts are you?

    I've got an OIL, but unfortunately will be out of the country for a while. I know Fultons at Bisley will usually accept delivery and make the FAC transfer for a fee (£20?).
  3. Hi 4(T) I am spending the next couple of months split between Bournemouth and Winchester.
    The gun arrives Peterborough depot in about a weeks time.
    It will probably arrive UK before Hants Constabulary can get the License to me but the depot are happy to hold it in lock-up until I am street legal.
  4. I don't see any need for an Import License. You are bringing in a personally owned Section Two Firearm.

    It can be entered on your Shotgun Certificate by customs at the Port of Entry.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I can look after it for you! If you have an EFP it can be brought in personally!

  6. Do you have a British Proof House magazine restriction certificate? It might be 3 shot as far as the Greeks are concerned but it needs to be certified as such before you can bring it into the UK. You don't need an IGIL because you are traveling within the EU. You might need a European Transfer Licence though.

    You are entering a world of pain with this one. Why not sell your shotgun in Greece and buy a new one here. It might be easier!
  7. Only if it is a British Police issued one, which I doubt. Foreign issued ones are not recognized by British authorities.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    They are recognised and in fact if he has a UK sgc then his efp is enough to bring it in! Otherwise a visitors permit will do. As for proof cert I am not convinced he needs one as I facilitated one from france last year and an EFP wasnt even used, the weapon was off ticket legally in france and the owner had a UK sgc and entered it onto this at port of entry. All done under written instructions from his force firearms manager. He did the same with his .22 rf semi auto section 1 and stuck it on his FAC. Job jobbed.
  9. Foreign issued EFP are not recognized by British Customs, or shouldn't be! Trust me!

    A pump action or semi-auto shot gun will require a Proof House (British) magazine restriction certificate to be considered section 2. If not it will be teated as a section 1 weapon.

    Off to bed now but if you want further clarification, PM me.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We do recognise many other countries proof laws so a cert isn't necessary and the weapon wouldn't necessarily go through customs if brought in in person! Also EFPs are valid with a visitors permit! I know this as a fact and now plod issue visitors permits from this year against photocopies or scans rather than demanding originals!
    Finally as I described earlier has and does happen and did to one of my clients last year!
    Finally. I too am off to bed but trust me it happens with instructions from police, an EFP will suffice to get a visitors permit should the OP be stopped (slim chance) and is done in advance taking less time than the plods promised delivery of Sgc at 12 weeks and actual of up to 26 weeks!
    No PM nereded I know the law and also that plod enforce what they can be bothered to do. Should it be brought in a private car with EFP and visitors permit on a ferry then not only are the chances of detection slim but also customs are usually only interested in new or valuable guns for duty purposes!

  11. Still here! Hope we are not talking at cross purposes.

    I'm not talking about proof certificates. I'm talking about magazine restriction certificates. Only 2 in the mag, otherwise section 1. The Police do not control the import/export rules which are not the same as 'possession' rules.. Customs are responsible for the enforcement of these but as you say, Customs checks are not 100% I'm sorry to say!

    Foreign EFP are worthless. It's the British Visitor's Permit that allows the guns in. The point is there is a British resident, as sponsor, that can be held to account.

    BVP's are issued on the basis that the gun is here for a shooting event going back to the 'home' country. A permanent transfer will require a European Transfer Certificate.

    If you have got one through on the Eurostar by other means, well good luck, but it's not right. There may be training 'issues' regarding front line Boarder (UKBA) staff, but I couldn't possible comment!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Mag restrictions are done by proof. Certs issued and mag tubes stamped when converted! If gun made with only 2 in the mag capacity then not required for seperate cert since the 88 act only covered restrictions rather than made for!
    Yup UKBaq almost non existant at ports and guns brought in often. The only ones I know about are entered onto certs either via EFP or not so legal as they end up registered even if not complying with EU rulers on EFP.
  13. That is exactly what I did with my totally legal K31 a UK FAC and an EFP. The Swiss end was another matter. They have recently moved from almost no gun laws to a paper shuffling bureaucracy that does nothing for security. All hail Schengen.

    Spot on.

    BTW on the subject of Proof (which we nearly were), if the firearm in question does not carry recognised (by UK Law) Proof marks, it would need to be Proofed if it was ever offered for sale in the UK.
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  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    All hail beerhunter and I certainly know why!
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Woohoo Beerhunter said spot on, does dizzy sticks dance and spills coffee.
    Serious that is an accolade!