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Hi All,

I will be attending the RCB Brief in November and would like to find out more about my potential employer. Do you know of any Open days at Army units? e.g. The Heritage Day at RMAS.

Also the RCB website isn't working ( ). You can't get beyond the first page. Are there any other websites out there which might help?


Spearmint Rhino
Way forward is to speak to A) Your School Liason Officer (SLO), or University LO (ULO). The former is probably contactable through your careers dept, the latter through an OTC...

Alternatively, and forgive if this is really obvious, but speak to the nearest ACIO (Army Careers Office place), and just ask to speak to whoever handles Officer recruiting..!

Good luck.
youve not long missed the Heritage day at RMAS.


War Hero
The best thing to do is actually go to your nearest OTC.(if possible) every one of them will have people who will have done RCB and TCB. You will get true first hand experience as opposed to a liason officer. Mine was crap and I went to RCB totally unprepared. His advise was basically order a G&T in the bar and not vodka and red bull. For my main board I talked to OCDTs and was much better prepared. You can also ask them question you might not feel comfortable asking in an Army office.
Thank you for the advice, all very common sense answers.... I do know that common sense isn't all that common. I did start to wonder when someone might make a reply, 1.5 months isn't too bad.

Theatreman, thanks for the PM

Thanks again.


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