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Why does the Corps feel the need to send compassionate cases on tour where they mearly mooch about until they are replaced by other lower forms of life who miss their mummy and such the cycle of life goes on. whereas on the other end of the scale there is a signal sqn in an unnamed town in Germany (gutersloh) which is fully manned with soilders who are climing the walls due to the fact that some of them are coming to the end of their third year and still havent moved past the gates of camp (slightly exaggerated for the purpose of argument) and whom would quite happily do the worst Op's that come around
Right on TANK!
I agree entirely!
Heard of a case from that certain unnamed town, of an entire department responding to every MCM div trawl in order to pass through the gates of STALAG PRB on what could loosely be described as an operational tour.
Their aspirations of operational glory were cruelly quashed by SHQ. The reason for the hope-dashing of the individuals concerned being that the staff from so called 102 Mock Bde ( TANK ask wild_man) desperately needed people to follow them around and sweep up their fecal matter as they try to produce work of such a standard as to expediate their (unlubricated in some cases) entry into the bde comds arrse. sheeps.
Not that there is any bitterness involved you understand!
good old 262 still going strong LOL one of the reasons, i suppose you cant deploy is that most of the sqn is in the GU clinic. also most of troop is also spending some time at HMP aka Colly.
Also most of the sqn moaned like mad last time they were over here!! complaining that the job was toss and that they were not getting to do anything good, par from stag on the sets..... correct me if im wrong but isn't that their job ??#
at the moment i think that most of the sqn would cut off their rotting genitalia to
get back out to Iraq and as for the long (collie) service list these are mearly a good example
of the pond life that the substandard school of signals are pushing out at the moment

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