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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by yorkshire-ale-drinker, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. can anyone tell me when and where the rifles will boe goin on tour if i am joining in april am guessing i wont be goin on tour until the begining of 2010 but does anyone have any clue as to what month etc

    would be apreciated alot

    also the officer who i had my interview with said i may be able to transfer to paras at some point in my training...is he telling me the truth or just spinning me a line? the reason a didnt make the run time is i had a broken large toe at the time and missed out by a few seconds (i didnt inform them of this.... i really need to get in the army as soon as possible) and jus wondred if this is possible? if possible could anyone then inform me of paras op tour dates?


  2. I'veheard from someone in depot para at the moment, that it is possible to transfer, however your training staff usually will make it hard for you to leave.
  3. so basically if i keep trying to get transfered without being a whiny little cnut theres a chance? the officer also said that if i prove myself good enough to be transferred then chances are the rifles will try and get me stay.

    thanks anyway......antone with the info on tours then?
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You will get info on tours once you get in, or from the usual public sources (MOD website etc) once they are freely released. People tend not to release tour dates in advance on websites to people they don't know!
  5. it would help if you knew one of the para reg instructors at itc then they could pass your details too the 2ic and he could chase things up from his end.

    Just so you are aware if you were say in week 12 when transferring you would not join a para reg platoon in week 12.
  6. so if i transfered at week 12 as you say im guessing id be put in with week 1 para recruits yes? in all fairness a couple of months is nothing really compared to geting to do what i want

    cheers again
  7. You've missed the stan laddy.

    Best wait for 2011 and 1 rifles
  8. or Yorkshire Regiment this year.
  9. Or 16 AA next year.
  10. Are you sure...

    I've heard different.
  11. the acio said that paras would be going to afghanistan in 2010
  12. I know 2 have gone this week/next week

    1 is in a while, but I suppose speaking of the rest is safe...
  13. right matey im an instructor in the rifles in itc no1 why join the rifles only to transfer to para reg ? no 2 3 rifles deploy this winter and 2 rifles deply again in 2010 end of the year decide what u wanna join first tho coz if not you will be ******* hounded for being an admin nightmare
  14. Ive got 4 Rifles down as leaving late summerish as well, though I could be talking from my posterior.
  15. i said i really needed to get in the army as soon as possible and ive also just been made redundant... not only that but it was the officer at my interview whoadvised this as to quote " transfering is easy compared to getting in its jus that the rifles might want to keep you...then again you would have to wait to come back up for selection again and then wait for a date to start the paras" this could take another 3 months to go back for selection again then god knows how long intil i got a date for starting training for the paras! i dont want to be a "admin nightmare" for anyone i just need to start my training and ive alreadt been waiting along time to be able to apply as i got into a fight and got done for this and received a certain amount of community service of which im not proud...would it be frowned upon that much really that is should just stay with the rifles? :?