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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HollowTip, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. I often wonder in light of so many attacks in Iraq that the MOD would realise that Landrovers are not practical for Iraq, What safety does Snatch provide? Fxxck all, When i was there we never even had snatch, just your bog standard wolf with a bit of camo on top.
    How many more guys will loose their lives as a consequence of keeping Landrover in buisness, Get a grip MOD, spend some dosh will ya and get it sorted!
  2. Mmmmmm, I doubt very much that the MoD is keeping landrover in business, the Range Rover and Discovery 3 are doing that by themselves....

    As for the rest of it, mmmmmmmmmm........
  3. Agreed Battsimm

    By the way - like the quote from the Clash St Joe of Strummer RIP
  4. they never learnt in NI in the seventies/eighties so why should they learn now!!!! you get what they got and thats it!! could be worse they might bring pigs out of retirment again-again-again!!