Op Tour Warning Order.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. I know that the Iraqi constitution may have some effect on deployments in the future, but generally how far in advance does a unit know about deploying on op tours and what commitment ,ie strength regtl sqn troop etc, it will have to provide? i would just like to be able to plan my futureas opposed to last minute.com.
  2. youre in the wrong mob then!! :roll:
  3. Are you sure your in the Army?! When was an op tour any other that last min.com? I you know it is likely the bad boys with the gun will know when your coming, see the problem with that?

    Oh just one final thing if you want to plan for your future why did you join the Army? It has a great future but planning you own private one will not really happen until you have left. You signed on the dotted to do your DUTY not winge about planning for your private future.

    There are too many people who think the Army is a job, WRONG!! It is far more serious than that and if you joined for a job then TUFF. You just have to live with the choice you have made until you chose not to serve for HRH.

    End of rant
  4. There he goes again.............spouting cr@p!

    I for one, do not think it is unreasonable to maintain an aspiration to know what you will be doing six months hence. It’s called the 1/3s 2/3s rule, it allows planning time for your subordinates, they may not have covered it on the TA commissioning cse or alternatively it may have been covered and you missed it because you were too busy gobbing off!

    There is clearly a plan at Grand / Strategic level its just it never filters down to the poor buggers who have to box their lives up at a moments notice and deploy. I’d question “evil one” how much experience you have at this? Relatively speaking I don’t have much but then that isn’t the point (that you’ve missed). As a commander (for which you technically qualify) you should have an appreciation of the moral component of fighting power. You no doubt understand such terms, as these have enabled you to be a skilled arm chair tactician, and stand in the pub delivering the kind of military analysis doled out by defence correspondents from the Sun, drawing admiring glances from your Walt mates who you play Warhammer 40,000 with.

    Consider a Jnr LCpl who needs to book a date for his wedding, a SNCO who wants to book a family holiday or even a Soldier who wants to book tickets for a Robbie Williams’ concert next year. Its not that they can’t book these events then cancel, claim on the insurance, sell on e-bay as appropriate, its just chances are that most of these people have been in this situation (of complete medium term information blackout) for the last three years. The effect upon the service is that they will either leave or will be disgruntled and therefore not as effective at their jobs.

    Everyone understood why TELIC 1 was last minute, but everyone was raring to go. Frankly why no-one yet knows who is going on tour next year and to where is just bad planning or bad passage of information. Soldiers are not stupid, they understand that we exist to operate in an ever changing world however; a warning order or a CONPLAN wouldn’t go amiss.

    As a commander you should look to a better way of operating and you should not just dismiss a situation with the view that “this is the Army, it doesn’t work properly, deal with it.” I’m not talking about aspiring to Nirvana but giving people time to sort themselves out is incredibly basic stuff, doctrinally.

    The reason why I say that relatively speaking I haven’t been on many tours is that within this august forum are gentlemen who have done a mind boggling number of tours, and sacrificed a lot for their nation; have you? Remember that the next time you take such a black and white view.

    (CHEAPSHOT ALERT) I don’t think of the Army as a job but at least I don’t view it as a hobby!
  5. well FP, thats just about killed that one then!

    Evilone, everyone has to leave the army one day, what a sad day it'll be for you when you solely have civilians to deal with!

    JBB, you may already have tried this but i thought i'd mention it just in case it had slipped you by: ask your hierachy if there are any tours coming up, if you're due posting phone up the units on your PPP and ask them if they've got anything coming up. They'll never tell everyone tour plan, but there are ways of working out if your own number is up, unfortunately it means getting off your @rse (no pun intended).
  6. FAO evilone or should it be PRAT!!!!
    I know we are planned for a tour next year, But what im more interested to know is how many of my unit will be required and for how long. I dont think thats too much to ask. Considering that its not an emergency tour and has been on the cards for over a year.
    There are too many idiots out there that hide under comments like "You signed on the dotted line" and "if you dont like it you know what you can do" and all the other lame shite people come up with.
    All I will say to them is "Get a Life", I have a life and sorry but its not the Army. I would give up my life for Queen and country without a second thought but if you were my OC............well lets leave it at that for now.
    May be you should come back round from the dark side of the moon so you aint an advocate of "last Minute.Com" and become a good planner or leader of men.
  7. Whole unit tours should be pretty easy to forecast.... what about those who only ever go on single augmentee tours?

    To mobilise a whole unit takes a bit of planning and forethought.... to ring an individual up and say "By the way, you're off to **** next week for 6 months" is all too easy and unfortunately happens far too much. I personally had 3 individual position Op Tours, 2 of those were with less than 2 weeks notice and the other one was with less than a month. What kind of a life is that? I didn’t unpack my MFO box for two and a half years.

    HQ Land (et al) know years in advance of individual posts that need filling - why can't they look further than the end of their nose and give the guys some kind of advance warning? I realise that it's not that easy and there will always be fast balls because of changed circumstances and compassionate reasons - but come on...... a bit of notice would be lovely.

    These lastminute.com events are usually forced upon our Technical trades who need to deploy to fill a technical role - these are also the people who command high wages in civvy street............ go figure..... The mass exodus is already happening and we are losing some of our most experienced SNCO’s as a result. This then leads to more under manning (21% in the AT Trade at the moment), more tours for those left, who then can’t cope and jump ship too. A downward spiral – that without some kind of intervention, will lead to a worse state of affairs than we are already in.