Op tour reports and Insert Slips

Would anyone be able to tell me the value MCM Div place on Op Tour Inserts and STDP reports? Considering now anyone who goes on an OCE tour over 6 months should get an STDP, is there more value in them? And is it more important who writes it rather than the grade? For example, if you're an RLC Captain and you're written on by a 1* formation Commander, is it worth more than an RLC 1* at staff (just an example!)?

It may sound like a daft question but it's not always easy getting these answers out of your CoC...
In short, sort of.

The factors that govern the effect of a report like this are pretty much the same as for a routine OJAR. The posts and ranks of your ROs matter to a certain extent, bur not as much as the writing style (read ability) of your 2RO. Likewise the OPG can be deceiving; there is still quite a lot of over reporting in some quarters, so it is really the write up (from the 2RO) which carries the real weight.

Going back to operational inserts, given the size of formation headquarters when deployed, if you work in one you will be graded against a lot of other officers, many of whom are extremely competitive. However, given that at the front end of your career, you only really compete with officers from our own capbadge, this may not really matter.
According to MS Web:

All personnel serving at least 5½ months in one of these appointments will now receive an AD1 SJAR or OJAR rather than a Detachment Insert Slip, reference to Short Tour Reporting Guide at Related Links.

The guide referred to is here: DII/RLI only link

Entirely my own opinion:

I think that getting another OJAR is preferable to an insert slip: I have had two insert slips for my last two op tours and both have been good, but probably not written by the best person (one written by my "CO", but not by the CO I worked to on the ground, who had a far better view of what I was doing, the other was written by the bloke I worked for but because I left theatre early to go to another theatre, was written by him because the OF5 who should have written the report was on R&R...

Make sure that you know who is going to be writing your report from as early on as possible, that way you can influence them and influence your report. The danger is that you leave the tour earlier than expected, or they leave before you do, and it gets lost in the chaff.

The closer you are to an appointmnents board or promotion the more important it is.

Ignore the OPG.

Make sure you get them to refer to your aspirations as realistically as possible. If you are good bloke there may be a tendency to give you a lift that may not be realistic (I was given a recommendation in one which was so unrealistic as to have bells on it, but to the author from a different corps, it was evident to him that had I been in his corps that is what he would have expected).
I agree with all of that. Good advice.

You are absolutely right about expectations of performance being different. Likewise, this is where you are most likely to see first hand over generous or over harsh reporting, from people in different parts of the army who would not normally write on you.
I would hope it's changed (for the better).

I worked to a US 2* and was told 6 months after I returned from th that the insert was "worthless" as it was written on by a) an american, b) no comparison to peer group etc (nature of the job) and c) it was really only given a cursory brush by the UK contingent staff to ensure it was on the right piece of paper.

Narked me at the time, because I thought I'd done well and my report said I had too, so to be told it would largely be ignored (perhaps for valid reasons) made it feel as if the tour had been worthless.
The 'Potential' box is the key, rather than the performance (although clearly you won't get far without decent performance!). Likewise, where you 'grade and shade' against your peer group in your unit/HQ, capbadge and the Army as a whole. And it's the 2RO that really counts rather than 1RO in most cases - certain 1 and 2*s have a reputation for good (effective) report writing, others less so..............

Amazingly, reports written by 'foreign' stars have helped me climb a little way up the greasy pole but it can be a double-edged sword without doubt.

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