op tour in last 6 months of 22 year career

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dr_spoggle, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Currently serving and coming to end of my time. My crap unit has decided they want me to go on tour.
    Problem!!!! i will be out the day the tour ends. loads of people have told me that it is wrong but the heirachy wont budge. Does anyone out there know of where it is laid down as to whether or not they can send me??
    Some telle last 6 months cannot deploy others tell me 3 months but nothing written down, will by many quaffs of ale for the helpful soul who can solve problem

  2. Well, since they are paying you until the end, Id be shocked if there is a regulation that says you cant be deployed until the end!
  3. Unlucky or what!

    Reading between the lines, is this Gordon Brown's way of saving on lump sums and pension, send bods on ops and hope they come back in a box!

    Please tell me your unit isn't sooo straped for someone of your skills (no disrespect meant!) that they can't arrange handover/take over of you post so you can enjoy a spot of gardening leave?

    If you have to go, good luck AND BLOODY WELL COME BACK SAFE!
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ask how they expect you to go through resettlement package :?
  5. Well, it looks like you WONT be out on the day you return. For a start they can't be sure what day you will return on. Then you will need resettlement and POTL on your return. You might get a 23rd year out of them at this rate.

    What is your trade? Experience? I doubt they can't fill this spot with someone else.
  6. IIRC you can only undertake an Op tour in the last 6 months of your 22 if you volunteer to deploy.

    This happened to a guy in our place and he respectfully told the CoC where they could put their Op tour! And there was nothing they could do about it.


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  7. Name and shame the unit, bad admin, bad planning, bad management.

    After 21 1/2 years loyal service they choose to fuck you around at the most important time of your life. :x

    Bloody bad order.

    If any of you Main building wallahs are reading this PM dr_spoggle for his unit details and get the man upstairs to send his CO a fizzer!! :x
  8. Thanks for the support, the only other person in the unit who is qualified is going to Afghan at the same time. I have asked about resettlement and got the standard you have two yeras to take it. And once you have a resettlement plan we will look to bring you back early. As you all know this is a long winded way of saying shut the **** up you are going.
  9. Seriously mate, I don't think that they can do this. Unfortunately I don't know where to send you for a DS answer. I would assume it's in AGAIs somewhere but I am not a G1/HR guru.

  10. Call your local aec and ask to speak to the OC there - he is in the know as to what regs control resettlement etc (why should you take your courses when you could and should have a new job???).
  11. they cant send you mate im 100%sure i have two lads that have sighned off and have to be sent home mid may as this is the point six months exactly before there out date something to do with insurance says the RAO cant find out anything at the moment as im on course but this i can gurantee
  12. Although this is poor man management, it can be done (I know a couple of guys who have done much the same thing), but your resettlement must be deferred as this is an entitlement. Deferrment can only be authorised by APC Glasgow as this results in an extension to your service beyond 22 years. APC Glasgow will ask why this is the case and the CO must have either:

    a. A really, really good reason for his actions, or,
    b. A volunteer (i.e. you).

    Edited to add:

    From JSP 534
  13. Berlin, I think they can, leave is a privilege not an entitlement etc etc. I just totally disagree with the man management aspect. It is the sign of a shoddy unprofessional unit, and also his corp MCM div have let him down. Is dr_spoggle the only guy in the Army who can deploy to do his specific job? I doubt it.

    It's things like this that really pee me off, It's possibly the rest of his life they are fucking up here and once he is out they wont give a shit.
  14. TBU,

    Like I said this situation occurred in my unit. They asked the person to deploy and he declined because he was within his last 6 months. It caused a bit of a stink but he didn't deploy.