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can anyone help, i am in my last 8 months of service having completed 21 years and 4 months and have been told i am deploying to iraq next tuesday, is there any criteria against deploying a soldier in his last months of service and if so where could i find the info, by the way i have completed 10 six month op tours in my career, this is just incase anyone thinks im trying to war dodge :?

something wrong here, have you upset someone. You may have some incredibly rare skill, like conversational Arabic or tech talents, but if not you should not be serving into your entitled Resettlement (in practice 49 days), Terminal Leave (28 days, 56 days if retiring overseas), residual proportion of Annual leave (2/3 = a month) and post Op leave (depends how long you do). If this is fairly appied you'll only be there a few weeks .............but get your MP's name if detained thru admin.

In your last 2 years you do have ENTITLEMENTS but these are seldom known, how many people do I see on six months "gardening leave" who have rarely left SW England....it's not what you know

PS Bet you are either Int, MP or Sigs where Man Management is a foreign object not recognised
Should not be deployed in last 12 months of service. Also, after 22 years, resettlement (35 working days worth) is an entitlement, not merely an eligibility, although believe terminal leave may be able to be witheld subject to the usual catch-all "exigencies of the service".

There is, however, a caveat about holding onto people past their discharge date in a national emergency, or words to that effect. There is an appeal process with regard to this.

If you are unlucky and decide not to try the MP/maximum publicity route (MOD doesn't like to admit to overstretch), then you do get all your resettlement and leave when you get back.
The HQ LAND Mounting Order for your unit should have a G1 section which details who can and cannot deploy - ie Under 18s, minimum acceptable PES, minimum Residual Service etc. Your Adjt, OC or RAOWO should have a copy.
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