Op Tosca

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mattybouy, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Anyone going on Op Tosca? When you leaving for Chillwell? Anyone looking forward to it.....
  2. We've got three on it, they leave for Nescliffe tomorrow..I think its a few days down there then Chilwell on the 4th? Set of jokers! I've got no-one to drink with in the mess now next year except the CO's Driver who obviously can't drink... I know they are all looking forward to it though. Thing is its going to have quite a big impact on our unit to lose 3 of the more useful members of support platoon :/
  3. Whats Op Tosca then?
  4. UN Tour to Cyprus, you get a gong, serious R&R and no fuzzy wuzzies to worry about. Where do we sign??
  5. Is op TOSCA going to continue for the Foreseable future for TA wouldnt mind a bit of that next year maybe make a change from hot dusty places how do you get information on it???
  6. Plenty of time to top up the tan, specially if you are being posted as a lifeguard and will be spending most of your time by the pool as one of our guys will be !
  7. msr

    msr LE

    During the winter?

  8. Now that's a nice number, as a lifeguard In civi street I would not mind a bit of that.
  9. Did it last year, stand by to be bored shitless within a month if you are out patroling the line.
  11. i'm in charge of the swimming pool and i've heard its only open for the 1st and last 6 weeks, i'm also in charge of the gym and a lifeguard....

    i'm away tommorow to nesscliffe, cant be bothered but its goto be done, roll on cyprus...
  12. So are you IDONTNEEDAHAIRCUTS mate ?
  13. na, i'm a vest and shorts guy for 6 months
  14. Good point, although I'm sure the weather will be better than here.

    Maybe Mr C will be disappointed then, although I could of course be out of date :D
  15. UN Cyprus, narr will pass naff medal, you can keep it ho,ho,ho