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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dean1, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys im wondering if any one can tell me who is going out to cyprus next and when that will be ? A summer tour im imagining and i already know about RLC going out in september for a winter tour. Any help would be great.

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  2. wants his chocolate medal
  3. Why choose Tosca over Herrick?

    Please explain your motives.
  4. For God's sake don't explain your motives! Whatever they are, they will not be noble enough even if you've done 5 previous Telic and Herrick tours and this thread will wind up looking like a 4 year olds colouring in book.
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  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Who made you the thought police?
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  6. Who said I shouldn't be intrigued?

    I'll ask what I like when I like! This ain't the army!
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  7. Do you think people in these corps have a choice? Serve in Cyprus or not do a tour at all.
    My unit has several on Herrick but I don't recall them being given a choice before that.
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  8. I wasn't aware of that fact.
  9. I think the whole idea behind the balkans/cyprus deployments was to push up the overall numbers people deploying in some corps (and they didn't need TA IR's on other ops).
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  10. Especially when work won't let them have the time off for Herrick....honest.
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  11. I have a full list of the people going out to Cyprus however, before I can release it to you I have to contact them all individually to ask them if they know you and if I may release their details to you.

    I will also have to as permission from the MOD to release the list to you.

    Alternatively you could write to the MOD and ask them direct for the information you need:

    Ministry of Defence
    1st floor, Zone N
    Main Building
    London, SW1A 2HB
  12. One's ******* dangerous, the other is a holiday?
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  13. One of our (ex-Reg) TA bods asked me who to contact at APC to try & arrange a Tosca Tour to coincide with his return from another OH tour, can anyone pm me Tel No's?

    He doesn't want to ask his PSAO as he's a cock!

    Cheers in advance
  14. One might well be less dangerous than the other but I doubt Tosca is a holiday. From what people tell me there is just enough time for idiot ruperts to invent new and practice old ways of pissing people off, .

    I know no one is going to get killed but the potential for getting truly shafted by a unit that didn't want nasty TA types with them in the first placeseems to be huge.

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