Op Tosca

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by matchbox, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Is Tosca going to be of benefit to a TA career? or dismissed as a jolly? There are some courses out here, anything worth doing? Any chance of achieving anything other than borderline alcoholism and sunburn?
  2. Why not do Herrick as opposed to Tosca, if your wishing to better your career then sureley itwould be more beneficial.
  3. volunteered for Herrick twice - both times it fell through - this tour came up so didn't want to pass it up - on Tosca just now
  4. DITS, Parachute course, Sub Aqua, ETL, Lifeguard, Rock Climbing Proficiency, Kayak Instructor, etc... Are some of the courses that have been run so far.
    There is also an education office in Ledra Palace Hotel as well as residential courses at 54 AEC, Dhekelia Garrison. CLM and ECDL can be attained quals can be achieved.

    Fill your boots
  5. Thats more like it!!!!

  6. Um, TOSCA is a Regular deployment handed over to the TA....which bit of that is confusing you?

    If you won't go, I will.
  7. can anyone let me know if I have picked this up correctly: to deploy with the Force Military Police Unit on Tosca, you need to have either Civpol experience or be a be SNCO?