Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by far-famed_wolf, Jan 7, 2009.

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    With the names going in for the deployment at the end of 2009. I was wondering who has been on this in the past and what we should expect to find out there.

    I have read the posts on here (most made pre deployment) which seem to mention a few things.

    - Majority of time will be patrolling (some people have said its very boaring)
    - The green zone is like a time capsual
    - The accomidation and facilities are run down
    - There is a chance to do some watersports while out there
    - Lots of people failed the medical last time

    How much of the above is true? and dose any one have any stories/advice.
  2. When did the request go out for volunteers for the next Tosca?
  3. Just before Christmas. We have been informed that it is our "Main Effort" to fill a troup ORBAT + odd job officers for it.
  4. I've been led to believe that the next two are TA sponsored then the regs for three tours....
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I was of the understanding that the Summer tour is Reg and the Winter tour TA.

  6. That's what I heard.
  7. We've not been told anything?
  8. Just being nosey, but what unit/capbadge are you guys? I ask because a few of us were wondering about Cyprus and were told that there is no way that we would be sent and that as infantrymen if we were able to mobilise we would go straight to Afghanistan.

    I have already done a tour in both Afghan and Iraq which were both pretty full on, so I feel I've done my bit and was hoping to get a tour that was a) something different b) being honest, something that was easier. Having been told that Cyprus was no-go I put in for Afghan and am going to Helmand this summer with a reg Batt, and now I read that all you guys are off to Op Tosca!

    So what's the score? Is Cyprus strictly for other arms? If so, why?
  9. The current tour has signals and rlc, not sure of other arms
  10. No its not strictly for other arms, but your unit may have a policy that only allows pers to go on Herrick with their own formed units for example. The current group on TOSCA is all arms.
  11. Not really, I'm going out as an IR to a regular battalion just like I've done on my two previous tours. Just had a read through an old thread on here about Tosca and it does seem to be mainly Sigs and Loggies like polar69 said. More to the point if as far_famed_wolf said Cyprus is his unit's main effort, then they've obviously been chosen for that role.

    Ho hum, would have been nice to do something different, but if it ain't to be ...
  12. You could always try getting a civvy job?
  13. Been there, done that, just been laid off. Hence the third tour.
  14. If you're a tour junky and don't have a real job, wouldn't you be better with an FTRS (maybe that language one). Get some more skills, stability through this credit crunch thing I keep hearing about, etc.
  15. I have actually thought about this and might yet stay on after the tour (they are touting for bods so the option is there), but will hold off on making a decision till after we get back. I was actually hoping that the economy might recover by the time I'm demobbed, but who knows eh?