op tosca r an r package

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tharg_almighty, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, if possible is there anyone out there who could give me more information on the package, funds, accomodation etc available for soldiers on op tosca. I due to deploy in march and any info would be great. I am married with a few kids.
  2. I thought it was R'n'R. :D
  3. Tharg there is and op tosca facebook group from last year
  4. Quick tip...dont arrange ANYTHING through the RnR cell if you can get away with it.

    perhaps it was just our lot who were pants and assumed everyone wanted a cruise down the nile.

    i organised all of it myself through the recommended travel agent, got a far better deal. 5* all inclusive Egyptian hotel in hurghada, a lot more for my money.

    Its Chronos Travel that our lot used last year. www.chronostravel.com

    They sorted everything PLUS due to the fact they are doing it for a profit (unlike the RnR cell) they actually did stuff when it was asked.
  5. A healthy pre prepared appetite for ecstasy, long lazy lay ins, huge Billy big timing STAB p*ss ups and the rough tobacco stained fingers of mustachioed taxi drivers probing your sticky mouth should set you up for a good few days off....
  6. Has your unit not been holding regular briefings or have they just be concentrating on the work aspect?
  7. were not all fat now we have to do some phys before we get out on tour,,,,, but on r n r you might of put it all on again :)
  8. Are you joking, im just back from Herrick and the unit doesnt know it arse from its elbow, its embarrasing. Im keeping my head down for a while and let the flapping and panicking about fifty old fat or useless people struggle through a PFT. I was hoping for a helpful comment or two on here.
  9. Cheers, i will check it out.
  10. HA!

    i know those two

    That picture was taken on the PTI course as well
  11. Tharg, check your inbox!
  12. informed on sunday that the R n R package from previous tosca tours is more or less now gone and flights home wil be available. Gutted as afte successive Herrick tours this was the big selling point for my wife and kids. On top of that as i am deploying just inside the 91 days between tours (10 days)i will miss the gratuity payout of £450, my unit were very non-helpful in trying to get a way around this. Double gutted.
  13. There is a thingy on armynet about TOSCA
  14. msr

    msr LE

    There are 376 references. Which one do you mean?