op tosca advice please

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by claimform, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi all

    I am possibly off to nicosia soon with rlc t.a.. Has anyone ever done this tour and taken family over with them for the six months?

    Obviously i know the army wont accommodate my wife n kids but i was thinking of renting somewhere for them to stay in nicosia..

    Anybody done anything simalar?? know of cheap accommodation??
  2. Get a grip.

    Does the wife not have a job, and the kids not have a education?
  3. Thought Tosca was three months
  4. If you are going on Tosca it is an Operation. Your wife and children will not be going with you.
  5. There is nothing stopping your wife from staying in her own rented accomodation whilst you are on tour.

    However, it may annoy you somewhat when you're stagging on at Ledra and your wife is the filling in a Stavros & Costas pitta.

    You gopping STAB ****.
  6. Oh FFS come on lad, it's that sort of shit that starts all the anti-STAB crap on here. If it was meant as a joke then it was very poor, if it was a serious question then I suggest you have a word with yourself.
  7. Looking forward to the next thread by the OP, "How do I tell the wife and kids they cant come to Cyprus with me"
  8. As a regular I did a UN tour on the line when we were based in the Box Factory. I rented a place in the local village Astromeritis and had the wife over. She could only stay for 3 months as that was how long her visa was for! You will have to check the legalities out for current rules. So it is possible but to be honest Cyprus is not quite the holiday Eden you might think! If it was me I would just get her out for the RnR abd enjoy your tour.
  9. kids just babies.. we have been contemplating moving to cyprus permenantly... Opportuinity knocked...seems like a good way to experience living and working There, its not too different from a reg being posted to germany,cyprus etc etc is it?

    And whilst im stood down i can be doing my homework on schools, property etc..

    im living for me! not for peoples opinions of me. Were here today gone tomorrow. Make the most of it.
  10. To be fair to the OP, when I was on the back end of Op PALATINE/OCULUS there was talk of making it a married accompanied tour. Who would've wanted to share a corrimec with the trouble & bin lids is another question, but it could've increased the, erm, R&R opportunities for the singlies!
  11. cheers fella, was it an appartment/hotel?? How much did you pay??
  12. A regular did the same thing i am contemplating, so whats the problem?
  13. Hmmm... how about

    Selfless Commitment

    Respect For Others




    Courage (physical and moral)

    for starters..... (ring any bells?)

    It might only be Cyprus, but it is a an operational tour and you are there to do a job for as long as it takes in the day. Chances to walk out may well be few and far between, especially when QRF and sangar bashing. If you are a tom you will have fcuk all chance to make plans to visit your family and if you're an NCO or officer you should know better.
  14. You are on an operational tour (of sorts) and you are there to do a job. It is not designed to be a six-month holiday-in-the-sun paid for by a grateful taxpayer. I suggest you stay at home, my friend, and let someone who understands the concept of commitment take your place.
  15. Thank you for making the TA to look like bigger ***** than we already are, well done, pat on the back.