Op TOSCA 2011

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JD150, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. The following vacancies for Op TOSCA next year are being advertised on the RAOL if anyone is interrested:

    The following opportunities are available for Op TOSCA 1/11.
    1 x Practice Manager (SNCO)
    1 x CMT Class 1 (JNCO)
    1 x CMT Class 2 (JNCO)
    1 x SFA/Regt Accountant (SNCO)
    1 x APTC (SNCO)
    4 x Experienced Adv Trg Instructors with the following qualifications(all to be Mountain Bike Leader trained where possible):
    1 x RYA Dingy Sailing Instr
    1 x JS Rock Climbing Instr
    1 x Level 3 Coach Kayak Instr
    1 x Level 2 Kayak Instr
    1 x RMO
    Interested and qualified personnel should contact the APC Mob Sect on 0141 224 8882.
  2. how can it be classed as a fecking op tour if there is a requirement for Adv Trg Instructors is beyond me
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think that says more about your understanding of the military than it does about about TOSCA.
  4. Tosca that really hard combat tour of where is it again ohhhh yeah its a holiday Island if there is time for the people that are on this "Op Tour" to do Adventure Training there are obviously too many people deployed doing nowt like the later stages of the Yugodisney adventures when you could swan off and do abit of adventure training not really worth the title of op tour if you ask me and yes i have been on tour our troops would be better employed in afghanistan than drinking themselves to death in cyprus I really hope 3 Royal Anglian manage to keep there mess stewards busy on there forth coming deployment
  5. Not enough Signals regiments left to run it then!

    I know of individuals who have tried to get on a Herrick tour and have been offered a Tosca instead. Good luck to them, their still putting themselves up for mobilisation.
  6. I hered that TOSCA 2011 was gonna be a t.a inf tour but they need the t.a inf for HERIK so TOSCA has been given to 3rd line troops if thats the right word?
  7. I love to go in any capacity
  8. I think the correct term is now "Support Arm". The way things are going 3rd line isnt far from the truth, it wont be long before we have trouble scrapping together enough to make a fifth column.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Combat Support.

    It's not been given to TA Combat Service Support yet.

  10. Errr, anyone had their brown envelopes yet?
  11. For tosca ? Id be so embarrassed Id leave the ta.
  12. Someones got to do it! That's what they told me anyway.
  13. pppppppppppppppppppppp
  14. Its 3 Royal Anglians running the show April to October 2011, don't the regs then do a stint?
  15. What a load of absolute bollocks.

    If your training and standards arn't good enough, you shouldn't be picking up a bounty every year, and the PSI's and other people in charge of training should get a grip. Further to that, I believe that it is only on very select occasions that TA units deploy as formed Companies/Squadrons, and that usually they are dropped into Regular Platoons/Troops as individual replacements. I'm sure that the affiliated parent Regiment to your TA Regiment has been to Herrick recently, or is due to go, and that they would be glad of a few extra efficient hands to replace some of the downgraded personell that are a necessary evil of the Regular Army.

    Using TOSCA as a recruitment tool just detracts from what the TA is supposed to be now, and makes the Regulars hate the TA even more. They are currently doing 6 months out of every 2 and a half years, sometimes more, in Afghan, whilst the TA can pick and choose "Op Tours". It simply sends the message that you can join, get some natty pictures for Facebook, have a lads holiday in Cyprus all paid for, then leave, without ever doing anything arduous for it.

    Ive heard of several TA regiments now who have had soldiers cite work reasons for not going on a tour to Herrick, but suddenly their circumstances change when a TOSCA tour comes up. And we wonder why the "One Army" concept isn't working?

    My personal view is that if you wear the uniform, you volunteer for Operations. In this day and age that means Afghanistan. The old and bold can claim that they joined to protect the UK, but anyone who joined since 2003 has known exactly what they let themselves in for.

    Rant over.

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