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Op Toptan

There are a couple of threads on this, but not really up to date...

What is the reality of Op Tosca – completely bone, or a potentially valuable a tour for a Tom/JNCO for one reason or another? Looking likely for next year, hence the question.


I doubt over the years much has changed, so the other threads will still be relevant. Judging by the title of your thread it sounds like you have made your mind up already.

Its something different which is not exciting work wise but, its six months on the holiday island of Cyprus!
Possibly good if you have no tour or regular experience whatsoever.

Very good experience if you are a qualified lifeguard / swimming instructor.


Book Reviewer
Our guys who went on it had nothing good to say. By their account the AT oppurtunities were no compensation for the massive f*ck around factor.

They were, however, from a Corps and filling in the numbers for a TA Infantry unit - so were prime fodder for all the shite duties. Most of them had just returned from Herrick so that may have further influenced their opinion.

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