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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Arai, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. Serious Question

    Is it just me or am i the only one who's done two op tours within the past 14 months? - and with another one on the horizon when i get to my new unit that will make three op tours since Oct 03 (and no i'm not FHT). Dont ya just love the foresight and planning by the Int Corps that was sposed to stop this kind of thing happening ?

    Ah well - FAS will make everything better (but not for another 5-7 years apparently) so thats me f*cked then

    Live the dream - Int Corps - Be the Best

  2. I bet there are loads who have done more than one. A couple of us are going for the second 6months (6-9months between the two dets), but then we all volunteered and would be happy to go back out again even after that (Sweeping bays has that effect on people who joined to do Int work).

    Don't understand why people get sent who don't want to go when there are plenty of people who do. The old addage of someone being happy in their job is more productive and less of a management catastrophe waiting to be sent back on compassionate for another person to go who probably didn't want to go either!

    Also now that we are in this whole single trade why can't Darksiders in Darkside posts do Lightside Op Tours. We all come out of the factory with the same skill-set and it's likely that the job you do in post isn't always going to be the same as on tour i.e Sy Sect to Bde G2 so its not a case of the lings aren't trained/experienced so they can't do it. Got tonnes of Cold War Relic OPMI(L)s whose language is not required but still OPMI trained who would desparately like the chance to do some real Int work, however in the mean time if you have any tent-pegs you need cleaning...
  3. 4 tours in 4 years. All volunteered for. Stop whinging Arai, what did you expect when you joined up? Germany for 2 years, NI for 2years, UK for 2 years and to stay on that cycle?

    Unfortunately, the world stage has taken a different tempo and we, as the armed forces, have to play catch up. Theres plenty of work out in Civ Div if you dont like it. And before you go off on one, I am actually leaving the Corps for personal reasons and have a good job lined up in Civ Div that doesnt involve 12 months in the sand pit. The Corps has given me lots of opportunities which I have taken advantage of and it has now paid off.
  4. Stop moaning. Think of all the gongs you'll have. :D
  5. To sell on EBay when you're 65 to top up your failing pension. Now thats worth moaning about.
  6. Mixed feelings about the op tempo. When I was a youngster, bored sweeping the bays I was begging for tours and was more than happy to do a month or two between tours.

    Now, older, more cynical, more broken and with a family I miss when I go away its a different matter. Not to mention the nause of going away for six months, then having to catch up on all the missed work because every one else is too strapped to cover in your absence.
  7. Never post when drunk, pissed off and on R&R - doh!.............but anyway

    Funky New Blood - dont give me that about "what did i expect". Ive done 14 years in the Corps and when i first joined up , it was definately work hard play hard, with emphasis on the play hard. Unfortunately this governments foreign policy has resulted in a massive increase in the army's op tempo. For the individual soldier this means that when your not slogging your guts out on an Op Tour, you will be back in your unit doing your job and the job of the guy in your unit who has just gone out on another tour . Its a vicious circle. And the Corps is increasing by 40% over the next 5 years or so we are told. Unfortunately that to me is too little too late - They should have seen this coming. Now its down to the individual good will of soldiers to bend over backwards and sacrifice their personal lives to make this Corps work. Which a lot of them are, however some of them (like you FNB) are voting with their feet, and i dont blame them........at all
  8. Whats the current count of supernumeries floating about? 4 in my current Section ranging in rank from Lance Jack to Staffy. Foresight? When did OPMI come in? All one capbadge, all able to do the same jobs and same OP tours?
  9. The OPMI has been around for about 6 years (I think). I don't see what hinders an OPMI darksider doing a lightside tour, does anyone think otherwise?
  10. Agree on both counts, you sometimes wonder why the singly who is begging to go on 'continuous' tours is sat in an Int Section in NI steady for 2 years, meanwhile the newly married guy whos just dropped his first sprog (or worse just dropped the second) and is due next week to go on his OPMI, is stuck getting jiffed with tours left, right and centre.

    He suffers 6 months or more loss of seniority in comparison to his peers and has a depressed missus with a 2 year old and a baby to look after on her own!

    And the top brass wonder about the retention rate, I'm sure it wouldn't take a great leap in man management to give a little stability to those who need it, meanwhile leaving the singlies to increase thier bank balance.
  11. Aye and why units give singlies weekend duties when that's the only time they can go home when the Pads live close to camp and see their families everyday??

    Who is managing us and when do they get trained to do it, I think there should be some kind of management test aswell as the whole 'they can lead a section over the top so they must be ready for promotion!'
  12. Totally agree Stebby, as a youngster your family is your parents and brothers & sisters, who don't live in the married patch 5 mins away.

    Should we have the pads stay behind to look after their families and do the weekend duties while the singlies get away on the Ops tours and try to save up for a new flashy motor. (Until the kids reach about 3 and 5 whereas the parents can't wait to escape for 6 months!)

    Or is it that you are discouraged from putting stuff like,

    "me and the missus are planning our second kid so if you could just give us another 18 months before an Op tour and we'll be sorted'"

    on your posting preference proforma for fear of being accused of "'disloyalty' to the army/branded as a whinger/you get the bloody X factor"

    I think this kind of family event or even a singly saying 'I'm buying my first house, can you let me off for an extra 6 months" should be exactly what the PPP is for.

    Granted there will always be some tw*t who takes the p!ss, but isn't that where good man management, in the ability to spot a skiver under your command, comes into this.
  13. I think the point we have come round to is that some blokes seem to get stiffed for multiple op tours, whereas some just seem to be able to avoid them for 5,6,7 or even longer years. Usually because they are permanently medically downgraded , which is another sore point and im not going to go there..........yet
  14. Damn shirkers!!! though back on the Op Tour thread, surely they [the management] know that the tours are on the way [unless someone seriously thought Iraq was a 2 year mission, hmmmm] so why not, before the tours are due, ask people to volunteer and then the people who don't want to go just don't go. It's their career and if they accept the possibility it will go against them because they have different [not necessarily wrong] priorities i.e. raising the brood, then let them make that decision.

    Our unit, so far, is good on letting people who don't want to go stay and letting those who do, go. {stands by for anyone from the De-rusting fraternity to flame him}

    however all said and done, this is the Army and Op tours are a part of that, more so these days, that's what I joined for. If people want a nice civilian lifestyle they should go and be a civvie, rather than enjoying the benefit of a job your unlikely to get sacked from and a guaranteed monthly income without putting in the work. The door is always open...
  15. It's fair enough doing op tours (6 so far and expecting more in the next 6-8 months) that's why we get paid as well as we do, but two bugbears are: 1. Shirkers who don't do them ) at all ranks but sadly seems to be greater the higher you go, including the permanent sickies. Also people extending and extending in NI, they're the same people who avoided it when it was our only operational theatre. The only good thing about the plethora of medals we get these days is that you can spot the shirkers at mess dos. 2. The assumption that singlies have no life and therefore it's ok to mess them about. I've volunteered for several of my tours and am quite prepared to do my share again but just because you're single doesn't mean you should be treated differently to pads (especially certain serving mothers who give the ones who do do their bit a bad name). Finally what about a system like the RAF, a list by trade and rank, when you complete your tour you're name goes to the back and the next person is in the frame. They're always be the odd exception but not that many, there is no reason why people in Cyprus, NI, MOD etc shouldn't deploy (and before anyone says, I know they do but it's usually only volunteers.