op telic

:evil: :evil: where did my thread go ?

All i asked was what AAC unit will be in IRAQ from April Onwards its not ops sec or national security so can some shed any light ?

Im Ex AAC now a AAC STAB and been mobilised attached to some RECCE or Loggie unit out there.

So if some one can let me know that way i can catch up with some mates..
Cheers in advance
Opswalla, I would suggest it is an Opsec thing, IMHO. Dont know about your thread, you may wish to PM Porridge Gun.

If youre now STAB, why not phone 7 on the mil net, Im sure they will be helpful.
Naaa no one will know a 7 its still the 1980`s in that camp, last I heard 3 twas doing Telic 4 but I stand to be corrected... not very opsec why the prob
Cheers Homeless that helps.
And yes 7 Regt has not changed still looks the same.
RHQ and QMS run by regs,also oc's and some pilots reg.
Good outfit and they are all very committed.
walla :roll:

To all the 3 regt boys see you out there, i will be the only Air Corps Stab out there cleaning toilets or driving a truck.
Homless, is it on the internet or in the public domain? If so, a fair one, if not, its opsec. I'm not on about rumour control or the fact that wife of Sgt Bloggs knows either.

Would you release the movements of Inf Bns going to NI? Didn't think so.
hello mate , 9 regt here.dont think there are any aac going out to iraq as a unit as of yet.there are detchs in basra at moment with jhf!!
take care keep ya head down glenn
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