Advise sought - deploying shortly as a reseult of a trawl and would like to know what I am entitled to, pay and welfare wise (ie, am I entitled to a MFO box?)
Have a look at armynet - https://www.armynet.mod.uk/ the TELIC link has all the details. You should get a comfy box, and the normal LSSA etc.

There are the normal paradigm phones and internet facilities, albeit pretty limited depending where you are. There are large EFIs at Shiabah and the airport, with pizza huts and bars too if your CO allows it.

PM me if you want more details.
I deployed last year and was given the option of a comfy box, probably worth checking with the unit your deploying with as to what they are doing!
Thanks, it would help if the unit gave a t@ss! But because it is just myself going from the unit...... I'm even going in C95 because the clothing store God thinks it would make him look bad if I scrounged from another unit.

So sending a soldier to a thearte without the nesscary kit makes him look good does it ? I dont understand as a ta bloke i got more desert kit
than some regulars on the same deployment mans a (insert insult here dont know what i can get away with )
20 min phone call a week free .
Access to internet
newspapers /magazines turn up 3 to 4 days out of date
efi /px depending on location and also small local shops
selling soverniers pirate dvds
Might get operational standown 2 days in dhoa camp kuwait allowing
day of lounging around pool/watersports .
Should have access to comfy box think max wieght 25kg

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