Op Telic Welfare Package

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by squarepants, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Can any of you pay gurus help me with this one please. I'm currently on Op telic and as such my wife in BFG is entitled to 2 travel warrants over the six month tour. She has just tried claiming for one of these against the fact that her parents have visited her. This is known as transfer of entitlement or something. Anyway the claim form and flight tickets were submitted over 3 months ago but still no money. We have now been told that to transfer these warrants to parents we should have first sought permission through our movements cell. Because my fool of a wife didn't do this, the pay clerks have had to write a letter to some Div G1 cell some where requesting authority to pay the claim. Nearly three months later we are still awaiting authority. I have tried approaching the RAO whos response was unhelpful, unprofessional and sarcastic. Before I go back to him I would like some more info. Does all this sound right as it smells a bit fishy to me. Also where can I check the regs on this, my theatre pay clerk says the authority is displayed in the Land Mounting order and my Unit are wrong to seek authoristaion elsewhere. Who do I believe and do I have a case for a redress?

    Thanks for your time with this boring thread.
  2. Mmmmmm, tricky one this one, was out there on Telic 6 and to be honest I dont think even our clerks knew the truth. We had a spate of claims having to be re-paid as they were wrongly submitted even though they were cleared by the RAWO and were in line with the welfare set out by the regiment prior to deployment.

    Try and get a copy of the Land Mounting Order and have a shuffty - someone over there will have it or knows someone who does.

    Sorry to not be of much help, but I know this subject is a mine field..............
  3. Try getting your hands on a document called the Operation welfare package (OWP) should be edition 7 or 8. The last time a saw it, it covered all the details of dependants and there relatives travel.
  4. The authority for transfer of allowances is in the OWP Policies' Compendium Edn 2 dated 19 Mar 04 (one amdt to date). Annex M deals with concessionary travel allowances. For Service personnel stationed overseas the entitlement is on page 1-M-1 sub para b the family concession is paraphrased below:

    1. A tour of 4 moths or more but less than 6 months = 1 return journey to the UK.
    2. A tour of 6 months or more but less than 9 months = 2 return journeys to the UK.
    3. A tour of 9 months or more but less than 12 months = 3 return journeys to the UK.
    4. A tour of 12 months or more = 4 return journeys to the UK.

    Sub para d on page 1-M-2 states that: 'Any or all of the entitled family journeys may be transferred to up to 2 close relatives for reverse travel from the UK. However, this concession is currently under review due to Income Tax limitations'.

    At the moment the concession still stands.

    It sounds as if you are the victim of locally initiated procedures. The MOD policy is clear and you should quote it to the RAO staffs I don't know which unit you are with but if, as I suspect, you are with 7 Armd Bde or HQ 1 (UK) Armd Div, I know that the chain of command takes the welfare of the families extremely seriously.

  5. Thanks for your research and input gents, I have been studying the OWP, ALM2000 and RAAC today and can't find any references for the requirement to gain authority for reversal of travel entitlements. MB, you've just confirmed what I thought origonally in that this must be a locally generated rule which was unfortunately published after our tickets were booked and payed for. Oh well back through the COC again. Cheers again.

  6. To confirm the authority for reverse travel is extant in the policy - if you get any problems with your local RAO etc PM with details and I can get the chain of command to investigate it - this sort of problem should not be happening.