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Have just recently seen a video made by some of the lads in the PWRR of their time in the desert, it was made in memory of one of the lads. Had loads of footage of patrols, sanger duties, mortars and putting rounds down....

I was hoping to find out if other units had done the same sort of thing, along the lines of a bit of video with some music? Even if its made in memory of a fallen brother.

I would like to collate a few of these vidz and put onto a cd or dvd, would appreciate any help.


I'd be amazed if there is any unit that didn't to be honest

every Tp in my Sqn did at least one along with collective Sqn ones that were done for briefings etc.

Most of them were done for sending back to the families to show them what we were up to and the lovely (aye right) living conditions.

format was generally a bit about the camp, then lots of mugshots of happy smilley faces.

Don't think these would actually mean anything to those who weren't there or those left at home tho so don't really see that it's approriate to collate them.

I would also imagine you would need the permission of everyone involved on each video for them to be released.

Sorry to be negative but I don't see the point. If there is a need for official briefing type videos then there are media ops guys in a far better position to put together professional videos.

There would also be a lot of copyright issues for the soundtracks as I'm sure we all got permission to use cheesy tunes :wink:
cheers fad

I wasn't looking to release anything in any shape or form, merely looking for some footage of lads putting rounds down to a bit of music.
Nothing like mugshots and "hellos" to family.

If you've seen the , i think, C Coy PWRR vid, you'll know what I mean.... or something like the Para's dropping... with a few tunes!

Again, it is not for distribution or anything like that, just for personal collation!#

Journo alert?

you have some odd posts my friend...

Is it illegal to sharpen a bayonet?

Can I have some war footage?

What is happening in Africa, let's debate?
also seen PWRR one, good vid, dont think their really appropriate for the wider distribution though??
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