Op Telic - the Last Tour December 06 ?

How long will UKFOR stay in Iraq?

  • Op Telic 7 will be the last

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  • As long as Dubya tells us

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  • We'll still be there in 2020 !

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Not sure of the background but deep in the Whitehall jungle / Main Bldg open-plan a little bird cheeped very softly..........course it could be wishful thinking.....

The scenario ( which is about on a par with that daftie Neocon thing about Iran)

> Pressure mounting in US to ' Bring our Brothers Home'
> Some semblance of elections in Iraq January 05 - US administration announces a successful outcome and timetables withdrawal of US Forces by Christmas 2005.
> UK Chiefs of Staff aghast...no plans to do anything other than rotate people through Op Telic ( as per Boz) until told not to by Tony....
> drawdown to Britfor enclave no > than 1,000 at Shaibah by same date hurriedly announced.........

<< en avant - aux bateaux ! >>

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