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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_Chancellor, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. Guys,

    Genuine advice...not how much Frankie Vaughan and all that....

    Advice for what to put in the comfy box for an Infantry unit going to TELIC for a winter tour?

  2. There has been plenty of discussion about this over the last 2 years. Use "search" to look for "Telic" and "comfy"?

  3. Hi Chancellor
    You with 7 Scots?
    There will be a Sheet with advice on what/What not to take with you given to you at chillwell by your CQMS.
    The reason we cannot give you anymore advice just now is that equiptment table and walfare pack will not be with us untill later this week, so no panic buying mate!
    The PSI in on the Recce just now.
    As soon as the guy is back (And he is a good bloke!) I will find out what we get on issue and what can be picked up cheap in theater!
  4. Just to be on the safe side, if you want a tv/dvd you can get one from tescos over the road from chilwell for £69.00. dvd's are cheap as chips out there but tv's arnt.
  5. For Telic depolyments you should get the deployment list of kit that will be issued and where you will get it.
    Based on that list you can then go make you purchases.
    Or of course you could wait until you are in theatre order from there give your BFPO number and get it all tax free - of course I did nt tell you that :)

    Good luck and have fun out there we all did when you were not being shot at, stoned, shunned, blown up or barbequed under the blazing sun but what the heck its all part of the challenge right!

    Just a few tips though
    Deet bug juice
    Waterproof sun screen and lip salve
    MP3 player with speakers (run on army batts and no moving parts like CD players all buggered by the sand)
    Decent Ray Bans, bermuda short and flowery shirt are all essential when on your hols


  6. A few rolls of comfy bum toilet roll to go with these too!

    After an 2 hours in the Turdis wiping your ringer you'll be glad of it! :wink:
  7. Unless they have stopped issuing camelbaks, save yourself a few quid and wait for Chilwell, or your receiving unit, to issue you a nice new one.

    I found packing loads of 'Haribo' made great morale boosters and flavoured powders that make a yummy drink from the tepid water you get given is always good (get the civvy stuff, unless you love screech!!). If you are going out at winter, then on a similar theme its good to stock up on a few flavoured chocolate drink (cadbury's moment) powders, as there is usually a hotwater/tea bomb somewhere to be found close by.

    Don't worry too much about spending loads of money on DVDs before you go out, as the LECs/specific 'local' shops on camps will be banging out cheap DVDs (varing quality) for less than the price of a can of coke.

    I agree with Litotes,you'll find plenty of top advice on other threads as well.

    Have a safe tour and all the best to you!
  8. Oh yeah, and wet wipes/deoderant wipes that'll fit into your pocket/webbing. They'll make you smell a little better after your CBA starts to niff a bit!
  9. To be fair, I know the Chancellor, and he will not be going via Chilwell. He'll have all of the G10-for-men stuff. I suspect therefore that he's just after top tips as to stuff which doesn't come in the issue black bag / bergan, and which is pertinent to theatre. Over to you dusty-TELIC boys....

    And as he states, I'm sure the vaughan collection is superb, so sensible answers only please. Thanks.