Op telic photos

assume you tried the british army photo site? you need to register for a log in but some cracking photos on there, tri service....
also where the annual photo comp entries are hosted.

The Royal Marines are a sound body of men, they are just transvestites.

Any Marine I ever met always had a couple of party frocks and posh hats... just one of those things.

The septic marines on the other hand are a different kettle of very disabled fish... better had move this to the NAAFI so I can give Corporal something to respond to :D
Yes, please move this to the NAAFI.

I have more respect for the RN than I do for a poncey door gunner. Speaking of which, sitting in a Lynx on the ground throwing your purse at people walking by does not make you a door gunner. :D

American by birth, MARINE by the grace of God.
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