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Discussion in 'Iraq (Op TELIC)' started by roobie, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. Now this stuff is no longer subject to OPSEC, I wonder if anyone can help with this.

    I am interested in how land forces were deployed during the 'mid-Telics' ie from about Telic IV until the outlying bases started to be closed down. I was there on Telic V but, like most people, had a worm's eye view of things and had only a hazy idea of what other units were up to.

    This page lists the order of battle for the tours in question:

    Operation Telic order of battle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basically, there were 4-5 infantry battalions in theatre during these Telics. How and where were they deployed (i.e 1 in Maysan, 2 in Basra or whatever)? How were they spread out across the individual bases (ie a Company at the OSB etc etc).

    Hope someone can give me some pointers.
  2. Can anyone help in any way?
  3. Can anyone help in any way?
  4. Try RAMC forum, I think there might be a gynocologist on there. ****.
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  5. Why would anyone help you?
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  6. Because sometimes it's nice to use the good china.
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  8. Try a freedom of information request to HQ Army or to PJHQ. Some unfortunate might get tasked to trawl the records to give you an answer. I suggest this because once I was that person and had to reply to similar requests about the RESOLUTE, LODESTAR and the Kosovo gig - Op name escapes me now.

    Alternatively, you could live without the info and let people get on with something more constructive.
  9. 3 year old thread mate
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  10. Cheers Thruster that's spot on mate. Unfortunately the OP died in a house fire in Dec 2011.
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  11. Got it ... thought the asker looked a little desperate for info. Shows how long since I've trawled arrse.
  12. Hes made Editor of the newspaper now mate, no fuckin thanks to us mind!