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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by exarmy, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. hi all, i need some help i got out the army in december 04 after just over 10 years.
    i have now joined the police and on our passoff parade we are to wear any medals that we have.
    i was deployed at near the end of op telic 2 and stayed till about a month after the start of op telic 4. needless to say like most people i have not got my telic medal yet but would like to wear it on my pass off with the rest of the ones i have
    does anybody know where i can get hold of one?
    any help would be great
  2. Your best bet would be to go on eBay and buy one of the replicas. No shame in that if you are entitled to the medal.

    The Army medal issuing procedure is a disgusting scandal - they have a huge backlog of claims dating back to WW2 and virtually no staff or funds to sort it out. Many people on Op Telic 1 have yet to get a medal, and there is no apparent plan to clear the backlog. I'm waiting for three medals dating back to Kosovo, and do not expect them anytime this year....
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Try Jeremy Tenniswood at The Aldershot Badge & Medal Company.
    His shop is in Colchester now - I'll try to find a number but you can always get it from Directory Enquiries.
    He has the Telic gongs in stock & can also mount them for you.
  4. You can go to no1medals.co.uk

    They sell all recent campaign medals.

    All the best.

  5. www.messdress.com

    Telic gong with clasp £42
    Telic gong no clasp £36
    Court mounted £4
  6. cheers for the help guys!!
    ill try the alredshot one i think
  7. just to say that in the end i used messdress.com and they were great i sent them my medals on the monday and on the friday i recieved them all back nicely mounted and polished a great service and would recomend anybody to use them!
    cheers for the help guys
  8. I was at a parade the other day, you would not believe the amount of vegetables that were wearing the rosette actually sewn on to their Telic medals!!
    The rosette for the Op Telic medal is to signify that you have the clasp and is only worn on the ribbon bar on your service/No.2 dress. :roll:

    Begs the question, did they sew it on themselves or did some dimwit tailor do it for them?
  9. Probably the tailor. I got my medals updated through a unit some yrs ago, came back with rosettes sewn on the actual medal ribbons, sent them straight to Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd and it turned out they had been mounted in the wrong order anyway. :oops:

    PS not coming the 'old soldier', one or all of them rosettes was not on an operational medal.