Op Telic Medals back November 2005 presented January 2006!!!

.. I know that there is a separate posting for this... (I can't find it..doe!!)


But this is incredible.. and I not decrying the work of the unit involved, fair play to them, they do and have done a fantastic job I am sure... its just the MOD's plain inability to get these out..

Unit back November 2005, medals presented 29th January.. wow that was very quick..

I deployed 3rd July 2003.... presented with mine...

Well I am still waiting. I am also waiting for a response from my MP who I wrote to over a week ago by email.... For those of you that are also waiting here is a useful link,.. please write if you feel the urge.. I am sure they will be pleased to hear from you.

Pretty good planning by their CO, I'd bet. Tell the local GOC that you are coming home and would like a medal's parade and before you know it you've polished your boots and the old duffer is pinning that gong to your boobs.

Unfortunately, I have no doubt that the MOD Medals Office would have had to stop processing some of the older applications in order to get these ones done in time.

I got mine last week, by the way. (TELIC 3 - returned Mar 04)

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