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Discussion in 'Iraq (Op TELIC)' started by Bowman, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. Has anyone got any pictures of the medal for Op Telic 1?
    Or a link to a site that has?

    I know it will be the same medal for all Op Telics but the war guys get a clasp with the dates on it.

    Any help/info would be great thanks. :D
  2. Heard nothing official yet, just a Tory MP on the radio trying to get answers from the MOD about why it is taking so long. The BBC reporter couldn't understand why it is important for soldiers to receive recognition!!

    Bowman - where did you hear that all phases would get the same?

    However, we miss the point. The most important thing is that Mr Hoon has already got HIS medal and after all, that's more important. :roll:
  3. I currently serve in the "Screaming Budgie Brigade" and just before christmas leave my sunray read an official signal to his boys stating that a medal has been approved and initial issues will start with 216 signals squadron rest of 16 Air Assault to follow shortley after. It also said that those on the subsequent "Telics" will receive the same medal & ribbon as those on the war fighting one (IE: Telic 1) less the clasp, which will have the war dates on them 20 March - 12 April 2003.
    Genuine signal, no duff! :)
  4. Bowman - tnx for that ......any mention of timescale?
  5. Unfortunatley not. But if I hear anything else I will bung it on here :?
  6. Getting the Telic medal, well that makes the entire op worthwhile, it would not have been worth it otherwise.
  7. I am just waiting for the Hoon creature to announce that there are no shortages or delays, and in fact everyone already has their medal.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I had read somewhere on this very site the qualification was 45 days in IRAQ and not for sitting in Kuwait waiting for the big push.
  9. 8O This seems to be dragging on and on, I was on Op Telic 1 and still have not received the Medal! A mate of mine has told me that it has been issued to those on ceremonial duties in London. Don't know how true this is though :?:
  10. considering that the OSM for Afghanistan still hasnt been dished out yet, theres going to be some wait for the telic one.
    dont hold your breath.
  11. is there going to be a time limit on it, it seems a bit unfair thet someone on Telic 376 will get the same medal as Telic 2 and just have one bar difference between Telic 1
  12. well the guys on patrols on the streets and rural areas of NI get the same gong as the shiney arrses sat in their offices in barracks, even now theres a cease fire, so why should Iraq be any different?
  13. good point, it just seems well .....................rude, but hey i suppose thats the politics of medals eh?
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It took 18 months to get the GW1 gong. I forget how long my NI medal took. The only one we got quick was the Jubilee medal. That was because we knew a WO who worked in the Medal Office!
  15. my NI gong took 14 months. my ACSM took another 2 years after the qualification date.
    the gongs office must have a massive back log:
    NI, ACSM, OSM Sierra Leone, OSM Afghanistan and LSGC to name a few that they must be constantly knocking out.
    So itll take time.