Op Telic Medal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chiefwiggum, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. What are the criteria for the Op Telic medal, does it differ for those in the intial action and those serving since in Iraq.
  2. Nothing on the web further to 8th July when Defence Minister, Ivor Caplin, announced that a campaign medal would be awarded for service during the recent operations in Iraq.

    In a written statement to the House of Commons on 8th July 03, Mr Caplin wrote:
    "The House will be aware of the desire to issue a Campaign Medal to service personnel and entitled civilians engaged of operations in Iraq and supporting areas, collectively known as Operation TELIC.

    "I am pleased to confirm that Her Majesty the Queen has approved the award of a specific Campaign Medal to mark this operation. The detailed eligibility criteria for this award are being determined and will be published in due course."

    They do seem to take their time over these things..
    This letter from Soldier magazine....

    AM a warrant officer based with a high- readiness unit. During 2002 all three troops within my squadron deployed to Afghanistan, covering a 12-month period.
    A number of my soldiers have asked if they would be receiving any recognition of their deployment. Some 18 months after the deployment, nothing seems to have been published regarding Operation Fingal although recently an operational service medal for Op Telic was given Royal approval just weeks after the end of the conflict.
    Can you provide any information for my soldiers? – Name and unit supplied.

    >> Service chiefs and the Secretary of State for Defence have cleared the submission from the Permanent Joint Headquarters for a medal for service in Afghanistan and it is now with the Honours and Decorations Committee for final approval. – Editor

    Whilst surfing for this info I also came across the following regarding medals which may be of interest to some....

    Specific campaign medals and clasps to both the General Service Medal (GSM) 1962 and, more recently, the Operational Service Medal (OSM) have been instituted for the following campaigns and operations since 1974. It is not possible to say when any given campaign started or was completed, but the dates specified in the table represent the qualifying period considered to be suitable for the award.

    Medal Clasp (as required) Qualifying dates
    GSM Northern Ireland 14 August 1969-ongoing
    GSM Dhofar 1 October 1969–30 September 1976
    The Rhodesia Medal 1 December 1979–20 March 1980
    South Atlantic Medal 2 April 1982–14 June 1982
    GSM Lebanon 7 February 1983–9 March 1984
    GSM Mine Clearance Gulf of Suez 15 August 1984–15 October 1984
    GSM Gulf 17 November 1986–28 February 1989
    The Gulf Medal 2 August 1990–7 March 1991
    GSM Kuwait 8 March 1991–30 September 1991
    GSM Northern Iraq and Southern Turkey 6 April 1991–17 July 1991
    GSM Air Ops Iraq 16 July 1991–18 March 2003
    (Op Resinate South)
    16 July 1991–30 April 2003
    (Op Resinate North)
    OSM Sierra Leone 5 May 2000—31 July 2002
  3. Bit of an expert on medals there BB.

    Got many have ya?
  4. I could say...You may be Orgs employee and bum boy but perhaps you'd like to attempt to control your bandwagon leanings and arrse licking nature and just post on topic?...but I won't.

    Generations of my family have served this country in Her Majestys Armed forces....including my mothers cousin (RN HMS Hood) ...two uncles (RAF) my Father (front line Korea 1951) The father of my children (9years Royal Navy)...three brothers in law (RN) another brother in law (TA) and my late father in law(RN Diver ..British Empire Medal).

    If the information I posted is of no use to you please just disregard it.
  5. So, not you then.

    You scary, scary woman.
  6. If you deployed on Telic 1 prior to the 18th of march then do you get the GSM for air ops south as well? As I understood it there was a rosette for those who were in Iraq for 24 hrs during the conflict period.

    Still no sign of a date for when we get it though
  7. The reason it's all taking so long is as a result of the clusterfcuk over the sierra leone medal and eligability.
    Those on some 'intense' ops were left out because of their short duration.
    hopefully it is also an arguement to disallow those medal spongers in cyprus and italy and the tunnel rats of pjhq/northwood who want to claim the medal for going to work 'in direct support' before going home and getting; pissed/shagged/real food/showers/a dvd and bottle of beer!

    hopefully those who actually earned the medal will be the only people who get it this time!
  8. We were told in May that the criteria for awarding an Op TELIC medal were likely to be:

    Start 28 Feb with a qualifying period of 28 days.
    If you served for 7 days between 19 Mar and 19 Apr you get a medal and a bar (rosette to go on your No2 dress ribbon).
    All subsequent (ie TELIC 2 etc) get a medal only no OSM will be awarded (this is to prevent double medalling for those on TELIC 1 who served beyond 19 Apr (most of them)).

    The medal apparently is going to be sand coloured (no surprise), with 2 red stripes (to represent the R Tigris & R Euphrates!!), with perhaps a hint of green (no doubt to represent the odd bush).
  9. having been in contact with the usual 'person in the know' (there seems to be loads of them), this one works at a medals office type place, itll be at least a year before anything is published about the telic medal. the OSM for Afghanistan has only just been announced, when will that be issued? DCI due out end of this month. OSM for Sierra Leone has taken long enough, majority of people still havent recieved that. most people will probably be in civ div by the time telic gongs come out.