Op TELIC Honours and Awards - Released 310001 Oct 03


Wonder what this bag of gongs will contain?

No doubt loads of heroic crabs, and a load of MBEs for those who provided the support. Will no doubt be very interesting to see where the remainder lie (and the citations to back them up).

The anticipation.......
I'm sure the teeth arms will be well (and deservedly) represented, as well as the usual bunch of loggies. And as usual there will be a dearth of awards to the REME. re we the crappest Corps in the Army? Do we really do noting worth being rewarded for? Considering we are 10% of the Army, cast your eyes over a few awards lists and count the number of REME on there, yet how many of our glorious fighting troops would be able to cross the start line and get their gongs without our continued input?

Non-REME guys, this is not a dig at you, more a dig at my own Corps, but do spare the time to scan a few list for mention of us.
Three fellas from my lot will get MiDs. Good on them to the brave buggers. How ever one of the subbies should have got at least an MiD for going back into contact to pull out a tank.... I guess it is all proportional to rank, responsibility and balls.
Just remember that the tank that pulls out the up-armoured Cr2 is a distinctly un-up-armoured CRARRV, based on Cr1, where if the comd wishes to give covering fire he has to stand waist high out of the vehicle and use the pintle mounted-GPMG.

Read the MC citation on the MOD website for the REME Sgt. He was using the CRARRV dozer blade as a mine-plough, a job it was never designed for. That would make him the lead vehicle of the armoured task force surely? The CRARRVs with the SDG BG were frequently called on to clear roadblocks and obsticles in Basra, thus making them lead vehicle again.

Not so REMFy now. Big respect to Rec Mechs.
The CRAAV is a great piece of kit. Will people think of an up-armour option for it? I think not. As good old Sidney J always hints at...we refuse to learn lessons if the solution cost money.

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