OP TELIC Gold medal denoting Three or more tours

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MAD_FERRET, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Interesting one this, a couple of my blokes were called in this morning to receive their OP TELIC medal. Both already had one (who hasn't!) but were then given a gold coloured varient, with the same ribbon as the normal GSM.

    When this was questioned by a swift phone call to the medals office, it would appear that those who have completed three or more tours are in line to be issued with this medal. Initial response was that both can't be worn together (obviously), but could replace the silver one as acknowledgment to completing 3 tours.

    As we had never heard of this before until now, l wonder if the same will apply to the Afghan GSM? Perhaps a good way of acknowledging time spent on deployments, in the way the brass numbers were display on the uber websters Balkans 'medals'.

    Picture to follow!

    Anyone else had one of these issued yet?
  2. Sorry mate....

    GOT to be a Wah!

    (or the medal office is clearing out it's stock of old tarnished medals..)
  3. Isn't that what bars are supposed to be for?
  4. This has got to be a WAH ! Otherwise I will be on the phone back to my unit to see where mine is. Nobody in my office has heard of this gold jobby.
  5. Christ it'll be very few who aren't eligible for this one,

    You are the avenger

    I claim my £5
  6. And I'll hold my breath for it arriving with the snazzy diamond jubilee one were all getting next year as well pffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. We are getting a clasp for the Diamond Jubilee! To go on the golden Jubilee. All the red arses get a medal though! Hope things are good HS!
  8. Obviously you are better connected than the Govt that has yet to decide the criteria! :?

    Also, the Gold Telic is a huge WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shame on you Sapper!
  9. i believe i may be getting the gold herforder bottle top from Wolfie for services to the German alcohol industry while on scheme on Soltau. :wink:
  10. How do they calculate the amount of time you have to do to get this golden medal_ I mean someone might do well more than 12 months in a oner but only get one medal and then a bloke shows up and does his 39 days or whatever it is nowadays and gets a medal as well. Not quite the same!
  11. I didn't get the gold bottle top, I only got the Herforder clasp for the Asbach star which I proudly wear with the appelkorn cross.
  12. nono...its true...i just got my platinum one for 4 tours and baz got a titanium one for his 6 tours....

    best of all, i was only in theatre each time for 28 days...but according to the medal office it counts as a tour...
  13. :D :D :D :D
  14. Im attempting to gain my asbach star (with laurel leaves) one this weekend (which obviously starts today as its thursday and we all know thats the soldiers international start to the weekend)
  15. This will be the the hole before we know it, what a crap wah!

    When did it become a GSM anyway?