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Op TELIC Fuel Supply! Where did it come from?

After searching the Internet with little success I thought I would come ask the people who would know.

Does anybody know how fuel was supplied and in what quantity? Was it all shipped in and then sourced locally after the invasion? If there's any Pet Ops from Telic 1 onwards who had first hand experience I would appreciate your input!

Thanks if somebody could help and in the meantime I'll continue to search the DFG, DLO ect... websites!
Because I've got to write about it for a course I'm doing so if I cant find anything then I cant really write about it.

When you search Telic logistics everything is focused on the lack of asset tracking and the supply chain backing up. Fuel doesn't get a second mention.
You will need to write to Land, PJHQ or DLO in Andover to get those answers you will have to explain why you need the information, also don't believe everthing you read on the net especially when you have googled it
The amount was in the millions of litres.
Although it was my trade that responsible for all this during TELIC 1 i was 8000miles away (again!) when 1 was on.
But what can be said in relation to general fuel supply, if you can "go to war" from a friendly country then you can use that countries infrastructure to provide the fuel. Things get difficult when you come in from the sea (Falklands) or air (Afghanistan). In both those instances we overcame those fuel supply problems for instance using equipment to transfer fuel from ships (tankers).

If you Google more to do with the Americans Fuel Suppy Iraq Invasion, then this will pull up some facts

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