Op Telic - Black boots in summer

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by alfred_the_great, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Gents,

    I'm off over there for a considerable period, and my stores organisation is telling me that issue black boots are "fine" for the summer, and "everyone's wearing them over there". Now I suspect in true stores fashion they're not wanting to issue the proper kit to my lads and me as it'd look bad, and thus leaving me with melting feet and foot rot.

    Can anyone provide a) personal opinion on black boots in Jul in Iraq and b) an official requirement for desert boots - is it part of standing orders/Health and Safety for us to be provided with desert boots.

    All help gratefully recieved.

  2. Some people are wearing them at the moment because the ground is so wet and muddy. Come the hot weather there is absolutely no way I would wear them, I have some Yank desert boots and they are hot enough at the moment. British issue ones are superb. You will definitely need desert boots.

    If all else fails Altberg are doing a very good Microlite Mk 3. Very nice boot.
  3. Black boots? In Basra in July? Don't do it, your feet will melt. The average daytime temp is well over 50 degrees and doesn't drop much below 40 even at night. Sounds to me like your stores are being a bunch of idle cnuts. Grip 'em.
  4. Personal opinion and a fact, black boots are pants in the summer out there and you'll end up with all sorts of foot problems, having seen the state of someones feet after wearing black boots when working out there it's not a pretty sight.

    Sorry I don't know any regs etc, but the kit is available and designed for use in Iraq in the summer, so it should be used!

    You should get issued the magnum desert boots depending on what job you're doing. If I remember rightly the chefs were issued black boots (even they got black magnums) and that was only because they spent the entire time in the cookhouse.
  5. one of our lads couldnt get desert boots issued to to the sheer size of them size 13's for fcks sake. he wore black boots all summer and had blisters toprove it. had to tape his feet up to protect them.

    desert boots are a necessity not a luxury. tell the stores bods to stick black boots up their ass or you do it to them with yours. :p :evil:
  6. Try pointing out the The Op Telic mounting instruction (it's on Army net)

    Desert clothing. Theatre specific environmental
    personal issued items and ECBA will be task issued prior to
    initial deployment, at the scales detailed at Table 9.

    Table 9 Ser 6 8430 99 229 4481 - 4520 Boot Desert 1
  7. I had to wear black boots (due to the chronic kit shortages) during Telic1 and into the summer. My old feet are usually very robust and I've spent years in hot climates, but after the sustained cooking effect of sun on black boots, I started getting heat-related injuries (pain in the bone joints, etc).

    I spent another summer down there, but this time wearing US Desert Altamas, and had no problems at all.

    I've now tried several different types of desert boot, including the latest British and US models, but my preference remains with the old-style Altamas.

  8. You can get black boots for hot weather. If you are REME or Chef you are entitled to them - they are on the kit list that your QM will have.

    They are as oil/water resistant because they are leather as opposed to suede, still Magnums and very comfortable.

    If I could be bothered to undo my boot laces, I'd give you the NSN, but I can't - sorry :)

    If you aren'r REME or Chef, you could probably still get them if your QM'RQ has the balls.
  9. Desert Magnums NSN 8430-99-229-4508!!

    Wearing them now even though I'm now back in 2 Div!
  10. Yours stores blokes are havin' a larf. You'll come back and hand your boots in for exchange with your feet still in them! I found that even the issue desert magnums were too hot for my feet and despite getting the worlds largest supply of foot powder and applying that lots of times a day my feet were still falling apart. Managed to blag a pair of brand new old-style US desert altamas from a Kiwi Loggi supplies officer and they were the k9's krackers!
  11. Nige, tried wearing 'em though?

    Might be magnums but feck me, they are still redders - couple of my lads had to wear 'em cos they'd killed their 'ginger' magnums with diesel and they managed about 2 hours before they binned it and put on the dieseled ones..........

    Black boots, summer tour? - NOT recommended, why do we think they have sandy ones to issue?

    If its a case of lazyness on someones part, like 4(T) says, point 'em at the mounting instr - thats what its there for!

    As an aside, i wore Meindle 'Desert Fox' for Telic 6 - some PRI's now stock 'em for about 70 quid (paid full price for mine - a princely sum of £99.99 8O . Excellent boot, well comfy, you can actually feel the breeze blowing thru 'em. Only down side is the soles are now slicks and I wont get another tour out of em, but considering I wore 'em every single day for 6 months less for R+R, not bad......

  12. LAND Mounting Instructions for Op TELIC details what kit you are issued. For the Winter Tour (Sep - Apr) you get a pair of black Pro (type) boots and a pair of desert boots. For the Summer tour (Apr - Sep) you only get the desert boots. The Hi Tech Magnum desert boot is only for in barrack use (i.e. clerks etc), the black Hi-Tech boot is for Chefs and REME and the Boots Combat Assault Desert (BCAD) are for teeth arms - good sturdy boots. Do not listen to anyone who tells you your normal Boots Combat High are ok for the summer months, they are not. You are entitled to Desert Boots, so see your QM and gte them issued. A copy of the LAND Mounting Instructions for Op TELIC with the complete kit list is available on ArmyNet.
  13. And by the way, any QM worth his salt (and I know because I've been one) will get you whatever kit you need. Size 13 and bigger desert boots are not a problem, your QM will have a Government Procurement Card and if he cannot get you what you need (and are entitled to) through the syetm, he can (and should) go and purchase individually for you. The supply chain is not what it used to be and nearly everything is available. I recently took and Infantry Battalion on Op TELIC and not one of the 600+ was missing any piece of kit they were entitled to.
  14. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    You are entitled to a pair of desert pattern boots there are two types dependent on your role you will get the most suitable.

    REME VM’s and chefs are entitled to a pair of steel toe capped magnums and it is stated clearly on the mounting instruction.

    I am very interested in any shortages and if you PM me with the details I will have a look.

    If you were a QM, you well know you can use you GPC with permission from DC IPT to procure clothing and have the requisite paper work to allow your formation to reclaim the monies from the clothing budget.

    However it’s like most things, don’t get caught and is so plead ignorance of the rules
  15. The only people I routinely saw wearing black Magnums out in the Gulf last summer were those folk who worked with POL or REME folk, because the issue desert boot soaks up spilt Avtur like a sponge.

    In fact the ever-so-handy 'window of no' even tried putting up resistance when those of us entitled tried getting new pairs.