Op Telic 8 Letters

Anyone on here volunteered? And does anyone know when the brown envelopes will be hitting letterboxes, I have heard it will be very soon!



If you are awaiting a letter for Telic 8, you may well have missed the boat. Most people are already at RTMC, or have finished. However, I may be wrong and you will be on the next tranche.
No one from my unit has had letters yet heard something about 10th feb, will this mean when they are being sent out or is this when they will arrive aproximately.


It is usually the day they are dispatched. So, you should expect them a few days, maybe weeks afterwards - or in some cases, not at all!!
One of ours has gone already and another one is due to rock up at the end of the month.

I would have been going along if my unit had pulled a few fingers out of a few holes and weren't more concerned with retention, but oh well, there's always TELIC99 :roll:
bullet-magnet said:
say again mate.
an friend borrowed my pc but forgot to state that was his opinion not mine

on reading the posts on this thread i think he was replying to something else

sorry about that i have deleted his words

oh and by the way my papers arrived on saturday morning :wink:
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