Op Telic 7 RWR

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hodge, May 25, 2005.

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  1. I'm a Pte down in B Company RWR, I was just wondering if anyone knows if a T.A company is going to be sent on Op Telic 7, I'm currently at Uni and planning on deferring my final year but I can't do so until I know for sure that I'm going, no one at my company seems to know a thing. Does anyone have any idea if and when we'll receive the papers needed to volunteer for Op Telic 7? Cheers.
  2. Check your pm
  3. hi ...i belive that some TA regiments will be going but not sure who...i think thats is a volunteer thing but cant be sure... i am finding out on wednesday if my sqn is going ..if i here anything else ill post it on arrse.
  4. Students are exempt from call-up unless it's a time of national crisis, so I assume that you're volunteering to go, yes?
  5. Do your studies in the sand pit when you come off patrol/stag?
  6. RWR, telic7?? guess i'll have to lose all this post tour weight to get back in my deserts. POO!! the thought of sending a whole RWR coy to iraq is just too scary. At least there's no way they'll send us to Al Amarah!! WOOHOO time to crack open the Piz Buin in Sha-ibiza!!!
  7. cant see a whole coy going, no chance.

    we sent about a plt on 3, 4, and 6, as well as smaller numbers on all the others. to send a whole coy (of half decent soldiers) you would need to get a lot of people to VOLUNTEER for a second tour because they cant be called up for another few years. plus, neither of the parent regiments is going on 7. In short, I think you have been misinformed
  8. OOh mae meistr G yn ol yn u ty!!!
  9. Very badly informed indeed. But don't forget Fingal happened last year. Neither capbadge involved on that one? BB is watching. Put danglies in your hand then phone and ask, never speculate!