Just been briefed that I could be going to sunnier climate from Mar/Apr 04 for 9 months.
If you ignore the political aspect of the "war against terrorism" and concentrate on the human side then a few important (to me) questions arise

So for those who have been mobilised and returned recently or who have any experience can you help me with on a few points?

1 What was the general employer feeling about you being mobilised -good i.e. job waiting for you - bad i.e. see you sonny

2 How is it best to organise welfare arrangements for those mobilised - what worked best and what was crap (or even needed improving)

3 Did your unit support your family while you were away and hopefully if so what were the good things they did for you and your family

4 Of the welfare you received could you suggest any improvements

5 If I do not get the call then I want to make sure my unit (which includes me) does everything possible to make the separation and return as smooth as possible not just for the TA soldier but for the family and the employer.

PLEASE NO SARCASTIC REPLIES! This is not the naffi bar but a serious post.

Cheers :)
Unit employer support and unit support for the families is a very individual employer/unit thing...... but one thing you are going to need to know is...... March onwards you are going to get the hottest time of the year...... and from experience I can tell you....... that's f***ing HOT!!!
Unlucky you going to roast and i mean roast fortunatly i got out here in oct ober and so only caught the tale end of the heat . Welfare hit and miss
mail is slow and hapazard e blueys no real improvement .
Dont know unit you in but if infantry dnt worry about reintegration as blokes will be looking to transfer or leave as dissapointed with 6months staging on . The rest unfortunatly is indvidiuial my wife says my unit phoned regularly but no no more than she does about my condition didnt even know i had r&r


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OK, been here neeeeearly six months, and as yet no end of tour date or replacement for me notified, so it looks like Christmas here. Your questions ansewred as best I can...

1. Employer - I'm a civil servant, and they probably haven't missed me yet. What 'posting' I'll get on return however is anyone's guess. Others - employers were generally OK while the war was on, but now are increasingly negative - thewy have realised that we are being mobilised purely to relieve overstretch, something the MoD admit (they can hardly do otherwise). Even the DMA - defence Manufacturers Association - are getting uppity about this. Check with your employer carefully, and try to prep te ground first by convincing them of the benefits you'll gain (Hmmm. Can't think of many as yet).

2. Welfare - we were mob'd as a Unit, and our PSAO became full-time families officer with 3 other staff, cars, phones, etc. Vital. Our welfare has been good, with support for families (spread acrooss the south of England) and help always available. This is certainly not the norm - the Reg Unit we were attached to was only concerned about their families, and has been in contact with my missus once in seven months since mob. Where there were familiy problems, financial or otherwise, these were sorted pretty swiftly.

3. See 2 above. We have a good CO and PSAO, and families days, etc., were organised, evenings at the TAC to show piccies, dayse out for Kids, etc., Basically, they are doing their best considering how spread out TA families are - no patch here.

4. Improvements? I still have not received a pay statement, although money is going in the Bank. 'New' Unit say it's a TA problem, Glasgow don't reply to my letters, I therefore have no idea if I am getting the right money - this is quite common.

5. PM me for my Unit details - I'll give you contact details, and my PSAO can brief yours; I just hope yours is as keen as ours! He/She is the vital link.

Good luck, and bring the sun cream - July / August was pretty unbearable, but most accom has aircon now, and they are even issuing Desert DPM Shorts (started issues in OCtoober, of course).
Hope they let you know what they intend doing with you soon Snowy. Wouldn't hold my breath though.
Thanks for the replies

Keep them coming

Had to brief the guys & gals tonight not a comfortable moment for me but what a surprise I got. Lots of serious questions but no really bad feed back. Top people.

However most of the Qs I could not answer but thankfully I had already arranged an ESE type person to attend next Tues.

Are they any good??? the ESE type SaBRE people?
Our unit has been warned off for Telic 4 also, 48 bods from accross the regiment which would take our call up for 1,2 & 4 to a total of around 150 bods. We are quite a small regiment of around 300 - 400 strength max therefor we have had quite a high call up ratio. Papers due to hit the doormats around 16-17 Jan for reporting mid Feb returning from theatre Nov ish.
Got to admit I've got the same sort of concerns as the originator. I'm due @ chilwell mid-Feb. Unfortunately on an E2 post that was due to end Apr 04. Therefore the Unit I'm currently with - are just releasing me early and my parent Regiment don't have me on strength and therefore aren't interested. Basically as far as I can see - no one is going to be responsible for my dependants welfare.

Think I will have to approach a few mates and ask them to deal. Oh joy...the "Regimental Family" - what a joke!


whats going to happen when there is no more men to go :roll:

reason being :resignations, employers refusing release, disillusions etc etc
Really Vespa don't ask silly questions. The Govt will just make it a part of degree courses and fifty per cent of the youth of the nation will go.


mushroom said:
Really Vespa don't ask silly questions. The Govt will just make it a part of degree courses and fifty per cent of the youth of the nation will go.
im not
im merely verbalising a scenario to get people thinking

having said that i wouldn't put it past our dear glorious leader (may he live a thousand years!) introduce conscription or a form of co-opting ex soldiers etc :roll:
vespa said:
having said that i wouldn't put it past our dear glorious leader (may he live a thousand years!) introduce conscription or a form of co-opting ex soldiers etc :roll:
Possible.... in as much as any elected member of our glorious seat of government would do something that would put their chance of re-election 100% the wrong side of possible.

They are in the politico game because they want to be elected and have power, not because they are stupid! :?
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