Op Telic 1 Reunion?????

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Golf_one_one, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Who would be interested in an 3 Regiment AAC Battle Group Telic 1 Reunion?

    We could relive all the fun and frolics from Jan - June 2003

    Including such favourites as :-

    chick medics telling the TV news how it is even before we departed for kuwait :oops:
    the RSM being Threatened with the sack :D
    a certain SQMS losing his 4 Tonner (honest guv) 8)
    a certain SQMS having his car nicked and subsequently bashed by a scrote on the rear party :lol:
    the Command Tp Sgt walking around in a softy jacket and black Y fronts :(
    a certain sqn "misplacing" some very very important pieces of paper :wink:
    the whole BG getting the sh*ts at alamara 8O
    the "well done the chefs speach" from the CO (gawd bless him) :twisted:

    anymore wistfull tales of woe???
  2. How about:
    Water towers being blown up by accident!
    The Janitor in all his glory - "You've been in that shower for more than 15 seconds now" as he mopped around your feet!
    No intelligence whatsoever on enemy positions.
    No sign of the CO for 3 months (if you weren't in BG HQ).
    The Bde Comdr's morale raising speech before we returned home.
  3. Why don't you do something sensible like having an op Granby re-union..... sorry, did you have nappies on then????
  4. Ooh get you, you sweaty old sweat thing you