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Since the bunnys in the bty. have already got gun troop t shirts I was thinking of jacking the op teams up with our very own t shirts, but my creative lfair's letting me down. So am after a few suggestions for logo cartoon whatever on the tees, had a couple of thoughts, but just wondering if any arrsers have good ideas?
Dunno about good ideas but try this wording




Done a few in my time, trick is to get something that fits the tour, often you won't know what that is till half wayh through, so as long as your boys are alright with it tell them to hang on till a really good ifdea comes up otherwise you will be stuck with your bty logo in front of crossed flags with Op Whatsit 05 plastered all over it. boooooooring

Here are the ideas I came up with

1st one was from a 92-93 tour of NI, now the orginal tour was supposed to be in South Armagh but we were re-roled in theatre to Belfast, which meant if we created a top prior to deployment it would be all "Bandit Country" etc, inwaiting for agood idea I came up with the following

Armoured LandRover crashing through a Stop sign with eyes and teeth at the front and flames out the back, logo was "Waking up the neighbours"

2nd one was another NI tour in 94 (yes thats right we did back to back non voluntary tours way back then as well). At the time Sharpe was on the TV and was an influnece to us, result was a drawing of a squaddie, rifle on hip shades and a grimace with "The Choosen Men, On tour in 94" wrapped around

Last one I did was in Bosnia another halfway through top, I fought off attempts to bring a cross flag piece of shiiite out and canm up with a winner

Pic was a very croat/serb looking bloke (bandana. AK that sort of thing) but in a GhostBusters like forbbiden sign (cross out) around itwas flags of the different nations in the team (there were 4) and the tag "Vruci Pas" (forgive spelling) which was saying that a NZ guy would say so often it became our motto, if you are wondering it means "Hot Dog"

If you are going ahead with it I advise you of the following

1. Get the money up front, one tour I got the Pay Clerk to do it on roll
2. Do your research into who you want to make them prior to tour, I use Hargreaves and had a great service
3. Get the order off ASAP, don't wait till the end of tour otherwise the tops will go out whist you are back in blighty, give it enough time
4. Don't wory too much if you have a dodgy pic, companies will gloss it up for you
5. Beware of offensive content, the Bosnia pic orignally was supposed to be a Mujhardeen with RPG but was stonewalled as it could of been considered either offensive or (bizarely) supportive of one or other faction
6. Stick to one colour shirt, one design, its easier to order x amount of Green Tee than "2 Green tees. 1 maroon Tee, 3 navy, 1 rugby shirt in pink anf green checks" etc
7. If you are setting this up for an ops team then beware, ops teams tend to be a lot smaller than gun bty's, more shirts bought, the less the cost, less shirts bought, the more they cost each
8. Don't forget to include the price of the inital set-up within the price of the shirt as you could become really out of pocket.

Hope that helps
Were doing good TT were doing good.

Off to the river side area soon should be good, just finished Ex Iron Log thank god so were all of on a spot of leave until Kenya calls.
yeah i heard, gutted about belieze? I take it you have'nt managed to get on a jolly , i mean conference out here then?!! LOL Ah well, lets hope the black and white dont have the same "probs" in the jungle as last time!!!

Enjoy my friend, enjoy!

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