OP STEEL VOTE - info for 'Other Halves'


We hopefully don't need to mention that our Voter Registration campaign is very much for you too.


Remember, FRIDAY MARCH 11 is the absolute deadline to register, in order to vote in English County Council elections on 5 MAY and any General Election on the same date.

Servicemen and women are entitled to information and "reasonable assistance" from the system. There are many sources for you too, see our information on the above link. AF Journal Dec 2004 had an excellent article on this subject, and I would not be surprised if there is more in the next issue.

Unless you are certain that your partner is currently registered to vote, please consider mentioning it to them in the next precious welfare telephone call, or email.

You can help each other with the registration and voting options available to you. If in doubt, you are probably better placed than your deployed partner to consult the Council's electoral registration department.

Any unsolved registration problems for you or your partner, please let us know.

best regards



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